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The GOP Just Doesn’t Trust The Voters

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It’s crap like this that reaffirms my decision to leave the GOP and makes me want to throat-punch the next Republican dipstick that says that they actually listen to their base.

I love Mark Twain. This guy has more intelligence and wit in his little finger than most of the blabbermouthed idiots running around in the media.


So, today, Curly Haugland, GOP delegate and, as CNBC calls him, a senior GOP official went on record as saying that the voters aren’t the ones choosing the nominee, that it comes down to the delegates.

He further went on to say he doesn’t even know why we bother to hold primaries and caucuses.


Here’s why….Curly.

First off, the party works for the people, not the reverse. If you even care about those people whom you CLAIM to represent, then you will give them their say and hold to it. Not because a bunch of old sycophants with nothing better to do than to meddle in our lives and think they are special and important decide what is right for the people.

But I guess the delegates know what’s best, right? After all, if the people don’t vote for a candidate, then you people gave us:

  • John McCain – 2008 nominee – Epic Fail
  • Mitt Romney – 2012 nominee – Fail that could and should have been a win
  • George W. Bush – two terms as President, but that one had to go to the courts
  • Bob Dole – 1996 nominee – Zzzz zzz zz #uninspired
  • George HW Bush – one term as President, lost relect bid when Ross Perot split the vote

The thing is, for better than 20 years, we haven’t had a candidate that has inspired the voter base. We’ve gotten…quite frankly, what the establishment has given us and been told that this is the best of what the GOP has to offer.

Maybe they should let us vote. Can’t get much worse. But these party elites, like Curly here, would lose their minds – as well as their “influence”.

I’m so done with being a Republican.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 16, 2016 at 4:07 pm

Posted in Political

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