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You have until November to decide. Do your own research. Don’t listen to the pundits. Don’t listen to the media. Don’t listen to the Facebook postings or the wild-eyed Twitter feeds from the left or the right.


Choose of your own volition. Choose of your own decision. Don’t let dumb tag lines and nonsense govern your choice. There are those out there who are so bitter and angry that they have become antipathetic about the race. They are left without a candidate they can truly believe in, with Cruz out and Kasich on his way out, they are deciding to stay home since Trump isn’t conservative enough (or at all) for them. But rather than go with one who is more conservative than the other, they’ll just stay home, sit in their own misery and posterior pain, and tell all of us how stupid we are for voting for whomever is the nominee.

In other words, they are afraid now. They are afraid that their ardent opposition to Donald Trump has put them in a place where they will either have to not vote, or vote for Hillary, since they would have to munch some serious crow.

(Psst, better to eat the crow while it’s warm)

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Why do I say this? Because McCain and Romney weren’t your token conservatives either, but I bet most who fly that #NeverTrump hashtag voted for McCain and Romney.

As for me, I didn’t support Trump outwardly through the Primary, but I didn’t oppose him either. My position here at The Rabid Conservative was to support the GOP nominee, since I myself am not a Republican anymore, I wouldn’t have a say in it anyway.  But, I’ll vote for the best candidate in November. If it comes down to Hillary or Trump, then I’m going with Trump. That doesn’t bother me, even being a conservative, because while Trump and I don’t align on everything, we do align on more than Hillary and I. And I’ll go with the best candidate available.

I went with McCain in 2008, and he’s about as moderate as you can get. But I sure as heck wasn’t going to vote for BHO. And in November 2008, I was pretty somber. You can even read the TRC Post on this.

Anyway, I will remind you all, your constitutional duty is to vote, ever since these guys helped you get your right to vote.

In the spirit of the day, being May 4th (Star Wars Day), I give you a very poignant video that paints the picture, very well, I might add.

The Voters Will Decide


Comments – who is who…lol, this should be good.


To my friends…


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May 4, 2016 at 11:06 am

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