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False Piety Part II–The Trump Tapes

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So, some basement dweller out there dug up tapes from ten years where Donald Trump was talking sexual trash with the guys, as it were. Crazy stuff, for sure. Trump issued an apology, but right now, the liberals are seething and celebrating at the same time, as if they just got a windfall ahead of the upcoming second debate – which promises to be a liberal gush-fest, rather than actually asking fair and balanced questions. But before we all start with the Trump bashing, let’s remember a few points to bring it back into context:

1. Trump wasn’t running for President ten years ago. But somehow, this surfaces and he’s now a objectifier of women and unfit for office. It’s almost like the only time someone on the Right gets to be president is if they are being considered for sainthood. But on the Left? Vulgarity and sexual deviancy is like a badge of honor.

2. I’ve heard more than a few women who’ve engaged in locker-room trash talk, sometimes, good Christian women who are supposed to be pure and chaste, etc etc. Maybe the very first time I heard it, I was surprised. But after a short while, it didn’t phase me. It’s amazing how diverse the double-standard is promulgated by the left.

3. What Donald said, Bill actually did – and then Hillary covered it up, repeatedly. We don’t need to crucify Bill for his sexual escapades, but Hillary doesn’t get to be “shocked” by it. That’s all an act, see. More falseness from a hollow of a woman who believes herself entitled to the Presidency because she is a woman (sort of).

4. Liberals can do things like Free the Nipple, Cocks for Glocks, sexually confused people in the wrong gender bathroom by legislative fiat, more and more trash on cable and public TV channels (funny the number of times shows like The Vampire Diaries can get away with saying the word “dick” and get away with it – it’s almost a drinking game.

You can search these things if you want to read about them, not linking them on TRC.

5. Umm, did anyone forget the laundry list of trash and vulgarity from Hillary’s mouth? There’s a very good list here. I guess that’s okay though – kinda like another one of those false liberal double-standards.

6. Trump released an apology. So, if we’re alright with excoriating Trump over what he said ten years ago, then why are we so unwilling to accept the apology? In other words, he’s a bad person for saying bad things, but when he apologizes and attempts to set it right publically, it’s not considered sincere? Seems anyone who thinks this way is just as hypocritical.

BTW – to the NeverTrump and GOP elites like Paul Ryan, you can keep your false piety too. It’s all very passé.

Or maybe to quote Hillary, “what does it matter?” Oh, because of the double-standard.

Got it.

To my friends.

Finally, here you go: The Gateway Pundit releases a list of Presidential Colorful Talk. JFK is funny.

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October 8, 2016 at 11:44 am

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