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Unlikely Debate Attendee Gets Unknown Boon of Fame

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So, this week, we met Mr. Kenneth Bone, a 34 year-old coal plant worker from southern Illinois who ends up on the debate. Probably the biggest thing to happen in his life, he has this olive suit that, at the last second, got traded out for a bright red zipper sweater because the poor guy split the seam of his trousers.

He gets on, and he nervously asks a question of the candidates about the future of energy policy. Makes sense. Coal worker. Question is personal for him. Standard canned answers from the candidates.

Ken Bone Asks About Future Energy Policy


The next day, he not only becomes a meme, his image all over the internet faster than pajama boy or Joe the Plumber, but his red pullover sweater becomes one of the hottest ideas for Halloween (in fact, I believe I read somewhere that Amazon had sold out of them by 10AM.

Now this next thing, how does THIS happen??

So, Mr. Bone gets a letter from the adult webcam site, CamSoda, offering him $100,000 to appear on their website as a commentator. You can read the offer letter and fall out of your chair in near disbelief.

In the D&D gaming world, it’s like rolling a d20 die and getting three 20’s in a row, which the odds are about 1 in 8000, which, according to some rule variants, instantly dispatches a creature attacked by the party. Yeah, I’m a nerd. So what. But the likelihood isn’t something you see, but maybe once in a lifetime.

Ken Bone critted on the Internet. He shows up on national TV, becomes a meme, gets a porn offer, ends up on the Monday morning news, has a few Twitter hashtags named after him, and who knows what. How the heck does this happen?

There are so many people out there on the Interwebz that are vying for attention. YouTube channels, blowhards writing blogs (yeah, me too), people Twittering on multiple accounts to be a big time 140 character micro-blogger, private internet radio wanna-be’s. And you know what, they don’t get anywhere. A few thousand “followers”. But here comes this fellow in a red zip sweater and he owns it.

I guess this isn’t completely unheard of. 21 year old Searcy Hayes from Natchez, Mississippi got offered a $10,000, six-minute porn deal because her face looks just like Ted Cruz, after appearing on Maury Pauvich. 


I want to say, “only in America”, but this blows my mind.


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October 10, 2016 at 7:49 pm

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