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False Piety Part III-GOP Exodus

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No one is impressed with the GOP elite’s so-called exodus of support for Trump. Except maybe for CNN.

So we keep hearing noise from the GOP elite’s sycophants, the NeverTrump crowd, and the liberal-leaning RINO’s out there. Noise about how “folks were going to start withdrawing support” and how much they need an emergency process to replace the nominee.

As if they ever supported Trump through ANY of the campaign process. All that’s going on and their reaction to it is about as fake as a three-dollar bill: trying to pass counterfeit emotions in hope it will buy them sympathy.


To rewind, it all started with seventeen candidates of every band of the GOP. No one expected Donald Trump to make it as far as he did.  The establishment was going for candidates like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. As the lower tier candidates kept dropping off the radar, candidates like Mike Huckabee, or Carly Fiorina, more emphasis is being placed on the top-tier candidates. But it seemed like in the back of everyone’s head, people were asking the question, why is Donald Trump still in the race?

And then Jeb Bush dropped out of the race. He was supposed to be the establishment’s standard bearer. But he failed to impress, particularly in a race that was becoming more heated by the second. The field very quickly dwindled down to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump. It was at this point that the GOP establishment began to very much worry. They were fans of Ted Cruz either, but at least they have a shot Marco Rubio.

And then Rubio failed to carry his home state of Florida and bowed out of the race. The GOP establishment was not at all happy with this dichotomy candidates. Both of them were populist-leaning. The battle lines were redrawn and heading into the convention it seemed that Trump Train couldn’t be stopped. There was talk about changing the rules of the convention, a very deeply unpopular use of party power. It was at this point that the NeverTrump crowd was as its strongest. They were pulling for the convention to use some sort of nuclear option in order to thwart Trump and install Cruz as the candidate.

That didn’t happen, and the GOP was begrudgingly forced to accept Donald Trump is their presidential candidate. Establishment names like John McCain and Paul Ryan as well as Ted Cruz withheld their support because they could see themselves supporting a candidate like Donald Trump. Paul Ryan particularly was in a precarious situation. Either he had to support Trump, something that he didn’t at all want to do, or withhold his support and anger the more populist leaning GOP base.


Support for Donald Trump came from those people who follow him, and who continue to follow him. They have eschewed the GOP establishment feeling like the establishment did not represent their interest; that in many ways spent more time colluding with Democrats than promoting the Republican agenda.

What we have seen so far is not at all impressive. Why would we even care about a bunch of politicians who begrudgingly put out the very bare minimum support, or no support at all, only to withdraw it simply because someone dredged up to tape from 11 years ago. Of course the only group of people that seem to be impressed by this are ones who are positioning themselves to be sycophants of Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump to had to play nice with the GOP during the convention season. But truth be told, the reason why Trump is even running in the first place is because the GOP establishment has gotten tired and irrelevant. The rank and file feel like no one listens to them anymore, and that no one in Washington has the gumption to actually change anything. Trump comes along and campaigns as a Republican. The elites cry that their nomination has been taken over.

So they’ve been waiting for all this. Don’t be fooled. Just another round of false piety trying to dissuade people from what is actually happening. Just like the fake emotional outburst regarding Trump’s taxes, or his locker-room talk.

To my friends – what few I have left.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

October 11, 2016 at 1:56 pm

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