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Playing Politics-Glib Old Politicians Backing Trump…again

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So, how do you like that. This week, we see a lot of false piety and fake anger, calls for Trump to get out of the race and let Mike Pence run (who’d get clobbered by Hillary, for the same reasons as Jeb Bush would have been) now have recanted of their anger and have said they would vote for him now. Here’s the list of those who supported, pulled their support, but are now supporting…again.

  • Senator Deb Fisher (Nebraska)
  • Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn (Colorado)
  • Senator John Thune (S. Dakota)
  • Rep. Scott Garrett (New Jersey)
  • Rep. Bradley Byrne (Alabama)

Didn’t take the Times long to report it. Read it here

This is precisely why I hate the Glib Old Politicians now and why the establishment simply must die. These idiots will play games, not showing what they really feel. They suck up to whoever they have to get elected. Makes you wonder about what makes them tick inside – it’s certainly not anything truthful.

And for the record, I burned my GOP card back early in 2015, after John Boehner being wishy-washy as speaker. Sad that Paul Ryan has turned out the same way, given that the Tea Party gave him props, only for Ryan to call them the “problem” back in February, when talking about fracturing the party between the establishment and conservatives.

In any case, it does not at all surprise me. Not in the slightest.

Oh, and as I was reading this article, this popped up. Seriously, already using Ken Bone in advertising? I still want to know how this crap happens. Maybe it’s a sort of buyout, since he makes his living on coal, the liberals out there might think the Right wants him to become the “everyman”. Can’t have another Joe the Plumber running around.  Let’s throw cash at him, so he doesn’t get all bent up if Hillary wins and she continues the Left’s assault on fossil fuel energy.


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October 12, 2016 at 3:44 pm

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