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The Hypocrisy of CNN, Again

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So, for the last few days, CNN has been pressing this issue about Trump’s locker-room talk. But CNN has been doing everything they can to try to find Republicans who will speak out against Donald Trump. They don’t care about anything else at the moment, because all of their “news” coverage is spun to promote Hillary and destroy Donald.

First, yes he said those things.  They were vulgar.  Yep, they were.  I don’t think anybody out there denies that. And I believe the American public is smart enough to understand that there are plenty of people out there who use vulgarity on a day-to-day basis. Is it right? Depends on your state of morality. But I certainly cannot condemn the man when I myself have said those kinds of things more than once in my life.

CNN decidedly put backspin on this. They keep saying it like this:

Talking Head: “Is it okay that a man who wants to be President is saying these kinds of things and bragging about his treatment of women?”

Go ahead, keep making the brain-baby kick

Here is the point that they are not getting, and are hoping that you don’t get either. Donald Trump said these things back in 2005, when he was not running for President. Now no one has come up with any kind of video or audio of Donald Trump saying these kinds of things after his candidacy was announced. CNN is trying to put the cart before the horse. They are trying to spin comments from 11 years ago in a way that makes it look as if he’s saying right now. And their journalistic integrity is totally in question because they don’t bring up any of the reports of the vulgarities that Hillary Clinton has said.

And then we go back to Bill Clinton, who is in more sexual harassment and sexual assault situations, before he ever made a presidential run. It was even busted for his womanizing while he was in office! The public basically gave him a pass. Organizations like attempted to blanket over the whole thing. The situation with Monica Lewinsky forced the second of the only two impeachments in America’s history. The left wanted to breeze over it. And these are things that happened before he was in office and while he was in office.

This video clearly demonstrates CNN’s hypocrisy and how they are trying to create a picture that Donald Trump is not electable as a present. But yet they do the exact opposite when Bill Clinton is involved.

Somehow I get the feeling that CNN is even trying to remain objective anymore, as if they ever tried first place. I don’t even think they are trying to hide it.


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October 12, 2016 at 1:59 pm

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