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Paying Taxes Does Not Make One a Saint

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And not legally paying taxes does not make one a bad person.

We have to stop treating the government like a charity. Particularly around election times and in this present season, where we’re comparing tax returns for the candidates in order to “establish financial credibility”, etc etc.

Paying more taxes than one is legally obligated to pay doesn’t make a person a saint. It makes them *stupid*. Our current tax law has so many loopholes and ways that people can exploit to get out of paying taxes. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Green, Blue, Red, gay, straight, boy, girl, Christian, or atheist, if you are able to avoid a tax legally, then you’re completely in your rights not pay that tax.

But for some reason, there is this nonsense running around that the New York Times is pinning Donald Trump on whether he paid taxes for years on end, only to find out that the Old Gray Lady paid no taxes in 2014 either.

Whatever. On both counts.

Both Trump and the Times are business minded. They are trying to earn profit and keep that profit in their own hands, not the government’s claws. But we’re all supposed to hate on both of them. Why? Because we all paid taxes and they didn’t? Really?

Jealous much?

I know I have tried every hook and crook within the scope of the law to prevent paying taxes. I’ve tried itemizing deductions, claiming usages for my house for non-taxable reasons, claiming sales tax, everything I could as an individual to get out of paying anything to the government. It’s my money, not the government’s.

So, sorry everyone, but you can keep all the crocodile tears and fake piety.


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October 3, 2016 at 10:33 am

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Hillary Wants Equal Distribution of Profit

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It’s completely apparent that Hillary has no idea how business is supposed to work.

During the Tuesday Debate, Hillary made the following nonsense statement:

Clinton: I also want to see more companies do profit-sharing. If you help create the profits, you should be able to share in them, not just the executives at the top.

Um, lady, do you even have a clue how companies work?

First off, employees do get a share of the revenues that company brings in – it’s called a paycheck. An employee works and gets paid.  That’s their share of the profits.

But Clinton doesn’t believe this is fair enough. She thinks that if a company makes big money, the employees should get some of that. The issue here is that Clinton overlooks the other part of profit-sharing, the risk and investment part.

You see, people who put their own capital in to a company are the investors and stakeholders. They are the ones that put up the money to get a company going, started, and flourishing. When times are good, the money made in profit goes out to these people. The risk is that if the company goes downhill because business isn’t good, these are the people that lose out. Now, I don’t see any of these employees putting up the extra money to prop up the company in those dry spells. But Hillary here is playing to the entitlement group by saying that employees are entitled to the profits.

Perhaps Hillary just means that more companies should offer their employees profit-sharing programs as part of their benefits package, but that’s now how she worded it. She basically said, if you create the profits (read: worked for the company), you should get a cut.

So why didn’t Trump call her on this?

Well, there are so many ways that Trump could work this, but if he goes to defensively responding to all of Hillary’s nonsense during the debate, she would control the narrative – something a good debater will do. But he had to have the epic eye roll when she said that little bit of socialist noise. Good thing she wore a red dress.

Makes sense.

To my friends.

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October 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm

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One Simple Question

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Image result for Hillary Image result for trump
Her Him


You have until November to decide. Do your own research. Don’t listen to the pundits. Don’t listen to the media. Don’t listen to the Facebook postings or the wild-eyed Twitter feeds from the left or the right.


Choose of your own volition. Choose of your own decision. Don’t let dumb tag lines and nonsense govern your choice. There are those out there who are so bitter and angry that they have become antipathetic about the race. They are left without a candidate they can truly believe in, with Cruz out and Kasich on his way out, they are deciding to stay home since Trump isn’t conservative enough (or at all) for them. But rather than go with one who is more conservative than the other, they’ll just stay home, sit in their own misery and posterior pain, and tell all of us how stupid we are for voting for whomever is the nominee.

In other words, they are afraid now. They are afraid that their ardent opposition to Donald Trump has put them in a place where they will either have to not vote, or vote for Hillary, since they would have to munch some serious crow.

(Psst, better to eat the crow while it’s warm)

Image result for eat crow

Why do I say this? Because McCain and Romney weren’t your token conservatives either, but I bet most who fly that #NeverTrump hashtag voted for McCain and Romney.

As for me, I didn’t support Trump outwardly through the Primary, but I didn’t oppose him either. My position here at The Rabid Conservative was to support the GOP nominee, since I myself am not a Republican anymore, I wouldn’t have a say in it anyway.  But, I’ll vote for the best candidate in November. If it comes down to Hillary or Trump, then I’m going with Trump. That doesn’t bother me, even being a conservative, because while Trump and I don’t align on everything, we do align on more than Hillary and I. And I’ll go with the best candidate available.

I went with McCain in 2008, and he’s about as moderate as you can get. But I sure as heck wasn’t going to vote for BHO. And in November 2008, I was pretty somber. You can even read the TRC Post on this.

Anyway, I will remind you all, your constitutional duty is to vote, ever since these guys helped you get your right to vote.

In the spirit of the day, being May 4th (Star Wars Day), I give you a very poignant video that paints the picture, very well, I might add.

The Voters Will Decide


Comments – who is who…lol, this should be good.


To my friends…

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May 4, 2016 at 11:06 am

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Hastert and Hillary: What’s That About Hypocrisy?

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I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time hearing your anger about Hastert’s hypocrisy over the sound of Hillary’s cackling (and coughing)

So, we start off with this guy:

Who was second in line for:

But had a sickening thing in his 20’s and 30’s for:

And just got 15 months in the:

A story which surfaced over the course of one year.

But we can’t properly investigate allegations by:

Who lied about:

and also lied about:

And we can’t get one stinkin’ indictment? Really?

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April 27, 2016 at 9:36 pm

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Sick of Sanders’ Lies, Hill? How ‘bout YOU Stop Lying?

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What’s really interesting is that the Hillary is griping about Sanders’ lying about her taking money from Big Oil, she’s got the audacity to even gripe at all about lying, with her “truth telling”.

How about these?

  • She lied about being “flat broke” when she left the White House. You can’t spin up a $2 million mortgage if you’re flat broke.
  • She lied about the Benghazi video – that it had an impact on why the Islamofacists attacked our embassy, an attack that happened on 9/11 (symbolic to be sure). I wonder if Obama would have missed his re-election had Hillary not told that whopper. She also lied about having a subpoena, which Trey Gowdy produced right away. (oh, THAT subpoena)
  • She lied about being under sniper fire in Bosnia, with heads down to get to base. One video later and, well, she “misspoke”. How do you misspeak about being shot at? #StolenHonor
  • She lied about the e-mail server, that she had broken no rules. I have personally seen people reprimanded for much much less. Well, she is going to be interviewed by Jim Comey himself. Wow, there’s got to be something there if an investigation elicits the direct involvement of the FBI Director, himself.

Want more lies of HRC-u-lies herself? Here’s a laundry list:

pic hat tip:

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March 31, 2016 at 7:29 pm

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Populism and Conservatism are Compatible, People

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Most everything that I talk about here on TRC is about conservatism. Simply, conservatives follow these three core tenets:

  • Limited central government, seperation of powers, constitutional law
  • Free enterprise and a good healthy, market driven ecomomy
  • Strong national defense, a pro-America First foreign policy, and limited international involvement, particularly when it hurts America.

But, I am also a populist.imgres.jpg

Now people like me make the traditional right wing cringe because I refuse to follow the party line. In fact, I am quite content to say that I am, now, NOT a Republican. So when we get to the general election, I will choose the best candidate, whoever that may be.

Being a populist means that I am more about the people than the government. I take the Limited Central Government principle of my conservatism very seriously. In fact, I am quite of the mindset that I don’t want government in my life unless *I* deem it necessary, not the state. The statists can go straight to hell for all I care. Republican or Democrat. They are my natural adversary.

But it’s interesting how the statist GOP RINO’s out there, the party hacks and hucksters, they drones that follow the GOP elephant wherever it may amble, when they get this idea that these things are a good idea:

  • They begin to start “working with Democrats and liberals/socialists/progressives on things like gun control and underpin it with “emergency actions”, not without a warrant, or the like. Like the Patriot Act. Like Network Neutrality. Like immigration (hear that, Rubio?) Once they get into powerful positions, they begin to flounder on what conservative principles truly are.
  • They start promoting free trade, even at the expense of the US getting screwed, just because we want to play nice with the rest of the world.
  • Budgets start going up (you hear that, Paul Ryan and John Boehner?), expansions of government policing power (Bush), or advocation of state health care (Romney), while never actually using real gravitas and eliminating government wasted spending, entitlements that are doing nothing but add more to the problem.

In short, they become no different than the Democrats. Is it any wonder why it’s so difficult to tell them apart when they are in Congress?

Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts, absolutely. – William Shakespeare

There has been this push to say that populists are not “true conservatives”. In fact, there has been this rather distasteful clamoring that about who are the “real” conservatives and who are the fakes, just because one person supports Cruz, another supports Kasich or supported Rubio or Carson. God help you if you are a conservative and support Trump – oh, no, you can’t be a “REAL” conservative to support Trump – because Trump isn’t a conservative at all.

Ho hum. More of the same. Tear down the opposition and make our guy look better. Sound just like Democrats.

I believe the upcoming GOP convention should not at all, not EVER, discount the vox populi. Now again, doesn’t really matter to me since I’m not a Republican. I’ll vote for your candidate because I sure as hell ain’t voting for Hillary. And that’s where it ends for me.

But I’ll ask you folks this question: how many of you are going to stay home on election day if Trump wins, while rubbing your wounds over why you pulled the lever for John McCain or Mitt Romney?

Hillary is waiting for your answer.

So, last thing, to my fellow conservatives. Don’t hate me because I am also a government-hating populist. Understand me because I believe “We The People” is more important than any other words in our Constitution.

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March 18, 2016 at 9:20 am

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The GOP Just Doesn’t Trust The Voters

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It’s crap like this that reaffirms my decision to leave the GOP and makes me want to throat-punch the next Republican dipstick that says that they actually listen to their base.

I love Mark Twain. This guy has more intelligence and wit in his little finger than most of the blabbermouthed idiots running around in the media.


So, today, Curly Haugland, GOP delegate and, as CNBC calls him, a senior GOP official went on record as saying that the voters aren’t the ones choosing the nominee, that it comes down to the delegates.

He further went on to say he doesn’t even know why we bother to hold primaries and caucuses.


Here’s why….Curly.

First off, the party works for the people, not the reverse. If you even care about those people whom you CLAIM to represent, then you will give them their say and hold to it. Not because a bunch of old sycophants with nothing better to do than to meddle in our lives and think they are special and important decide what is right for the people.

But I guess the delegates know what’s best, right? After all, if the people don’t vote for a candidate, then you people gave us:

  • John McCain – 2008 nominee – Epic Fail
  • Mitt Romney – 2012 nominee – Fail that could and should have been a win
  • George W. Bush – two terms as President, but that one had to go to the courts
  • Bob Dole – 1996 nominee – Zzzz zzz zz #uninspired
  • George HW Bush – one term as President, lost relect bid when Ross Perot split the vote

The thing is, for better than 20 years, we haven’t had a candidate that has inspired the voter base. We’ve gotten…quite frankly, what the establishment has given us and been told that this is the best of what the GOP has to offer.

Maybe they should let us vote. Can’t get much worse. But these party elites, like Curly here, would lose their minds – as well as their “influence”.

I’m so done with being a Republican.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 16, 2016 at 4:07 pm

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