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A “People’s” Filibuster? Gimme a Break

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Last night a bill was effectively killed in the Texas Senate Chamber – not because of parliamentary proceeding or because of lack of votes, but because an outside mob effectively created so much noise that the chamber could not function and the bill lapsed.

The bill would effectively shut down abortion clinics that conducted abortions after 20 weeks (which, since the baby is viable, it’s basically clinical murder).  It gets me why a woman who knows she’s already pregnant after four months would elect to destroy her baby after that fact after carrying it for that long, but evidently, some people just don’t get it.

The bill was on its way to passage through the Texas senate when a mob blew in, and, encouraged by Democrat senators who called such a demonstration as, “democracy in action” and a “people’s filibuster”.  What if we had done the same thing with respect to your constant attempts to block gun bills?  What if we came in, all carrying firearms and interfered with the process through intimidation and unruly behavior?  Would Democrats actually call that democracy in action then?  Oh heck no.  Because it’s only that way when it suits them.

The way I see it, all 400 of those women should be rounded up, arrested, and charged with disturbing the peace.  After that, Gov. Perry should call the Senate back into session to repeat the vote and allow the process to work properly, after censuring the Democrats of the chamber who encouraged the mob to continue interfering with the process.  The US Constitution nor the Texas Constitution does not give them the right to be an unruly mob that interferes with the political process.  To allow this sets a bad precedent, that we can simply interfere with the political process to kill bills that we don’t want to pass.  The First Amendment speaks clear in this matter:

Congress shall make no law…abridging….the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

People have a right to speak.  They don’t have a right to interfere with the political process.  And it isn’t democracy when we’re dealing with 400 people who are not peaceably assembling.


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June 26, 2013 at 9:11 am

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Planned Parenthood – Planning Inhumane Evil

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So another undercover camera operation in Arizona documents a visit to a Planned Parenthood clinic and continues to expose the barbarism that is abortion in the late second trimester (25 weeks).  Notice how skiddish the abortionists get when asked questions relating to the humanity of the baby (which is dehumanized by their use of the term “fetus” – which is Latin for “baby”).

Interestingly, the article from Wikipedia about digoxin says this:

Digoxin is also used in abortions to ensure the fetus is not delivered alive. In such cases, it is injected directly into the fetus while still in the uterus.

In other words, the article writer says that the fetus is “alive” while still in the uterus, but to prevent it from being delivered alive, they give it a lethal injection of this compound to stop the heart.  In other words, killing it outside the uterus is okay because it’s not “human”.

Notice Alisa LaPolt Snow, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist wouldn’t answer the question of what happens if the baby is born alive.  She did know the answer – they inject it with digoxin outside the womb and then send it to be cremated, just like Dr. Laura Mercer, OBGYN out of Phoenix, noted.  In other words, Snow was clearly lying.

And the American public still is giving Planned Parenthood over a half a billion dollars per year – to destroy inconvenient human life while they hide behind obscuring terms and hedging lobbyists.

* I dedicate today’s post to Ms. Joanie, a dear sister in the Lord, who passed away on the April 23.  Her love for the Lord and zest for life will be missed by all who know her.  I say “know” because we will see each other again.  God bless, Joanie.

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May 2, 2013 at 7:03 pm

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Abortion Murder Atrocities – And the Left Couldn’t Care Less

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As the Gosnell trial in Pennsylvania quietly plays out without so much as a real peep from the Main Stream Media, I read stories like this and wonder how the liberal movement can continue to make a bid for the moral high ground.  They gripe about thousands dying from gun violence and yet turn a blind eye to the millions – including those aborted after 20 weeks, that get their heads crushed or spinal columns severed after premature birth.

Abortion is an act of supreme evil – why can’t you liberals see it?

Read It  (Warning: Disturbing Imagery)  Why the Gosnell Case Should Be a Front-Page Story

Read It: Abortion Survivor Swimming in Toilet Trying to Get Out

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April 21, 2013 at 2:04 pm

What the Election Has Demonstrated to Me

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Well, we have come to the end of another election.  And I remember four years ago when  I wrote a more conciliatory response when Obama won.  This time, my tone is a little less gracious.

So what did we all see in this election?  Here’s what I’ve been able to see:

1) 60 million Americans do not care about the federal debt or having a federal budget. Sure, they mention it when it’s convenient or makes for good watercooler discussion, but at the end of the day, they could care less that the United States has $16 trillion of debt and over $65 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Instead, they care about all the government freebees that they can manage to wrest away and are not about to bite the hand that feeds them.

In short, Romney was absolutely right about the entire 47% thing.

2) 60 million Americans do not care about the laws of this country. They don’t care about the fact that 12 million people are in this country illegally and getting in-state tuition, sucking off the government for benefits, and working illegally, while not paying taxes. No, they are only interested in letting gays marry, smoking cannabis, and destroying hundreds of thousands babies through the horror of abortion and justifying it as so-called “reproductive rights”, while making the rest of us pay for it.

3) 60 million Americans have basically told us that the government is their savior rather than trusting in God and doing it themselves. They balk at the idea of American exceptionalism, like dissing one’s own high school football team during homecoming.

4) The Democrat and Republican establishments are basically useless and so impotent that a crate of Cialis couldn’t fix their problem. They are a bunch of out-of-touch beltway bozos who, ironically, continue to win even when the rest of us lose. In fact, I am seriously considering registering as an Independent. Political parties are basically useless.

5) The Main Stream Media is basically a threat to this country. They are nothing more now than sounding boards for the establishments. They failed miserably to report on the entire Benghazi situation, which to me, is darn near an impeachable offense for lying outright to the American people and not preventing the death of our diplomats. They have greatly ignored the plights of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and even that tool Chris Mattews said is was glad that we had that storm. He apologized for it later, but let’s face it, he’s basically a moron with bad hair and generally, now, irrelevant (as if he was really that important to me anyway)

So where does this election leave us?

Basically in the same mess that we were in before with little gained and little really lost. We had hoped that 2012 would be the year we shatter through the ceiling, but I guess we have to spend four more years educating the clueless neonates who mindlessly suck on the government’s teat, the socialists who seem bent on turning us into the same European failing model that is causing the EU to tank, and the liberals, potheads and homosexuals who want to basically attempt to redefine morality into something that resembles Sodom and Gomorrah.

“They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in the footsteps of good men like my father or President Truman. Decent men who believed in a day’s work for a day’s pay. Instead they followed the droppings of lechers and communists and didn’t realize that the trail led over a precipice until it was too late. Don’t tell me they didn’t have a choice. Now the whole world stands on the brink, staring down into bloody Hell, all those liberals and intellectuals and smooth-talkers… and all of a sudden nobody can think of anything to say.”  – – from Rorshach’s Journal

Still, there is half of the country who realize that there is still much to fight for – that America can be saved from the perverts and heathen, from the non-producing takers, from those who would re-write the principles of our founding so they can feed their lusts and make everyone else, the producers and the unborn, pay for their sickness. Romney just didn’t connect with the people very well and didn’t convince that remaining 2% that Obama wasn’t the right choice. Conventionally, it is very difficult to unseat an incumbent, so really, there’s no real surprise here, despite the predictions of Karl Rove and Dick Morris.

I refuse to accept that America is beyond saving. I intend to keep on fighting and, when we reach Rorshach’s precipice, we’ll have hope, because it doesn’t come from the Government, it comes from those of us who believe in individual liberty. And we’ll watch as the liberals bury themselves, because in the end, sin is self defeating.

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November 7, 2012 at 11:18 pm

Veep Debate – Could Have Been Better

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Well, I’m glad to see that the Veep debate wasn’t as much of a waste as I had previously thought. The polls and pundits are calling for a narrow Biden win over Ryan or a draw. If by win, we mean how many times we saw grumpy, old Uncle Joe interrupt the moderator and his opponent, then yeah, Biden won. But Biden basically used his constant interrupting and snarky-snark to win, in the absence of real facts. Once again, he kept trumping up the “five trillion” number and pontificating that people should “use some common sense”.

Still though, I do have to say that Biden did do one thing positive – he was able to at least not further the damage to Obama through horrible debate skill, not to say that Biden was saying anything really of note. Anyway, here are a couple of my observations:

1) Biden kept playing the “use some common sense” card, particularly during the Medicare debate. To me, this is more of an Appeal to Common Belief fallacy. The issue is that the bandwagon beliefs of Medicare are what got us here in the first place. Medicare needs to be overhauled, not maintained. Biden goes out there and tries to frighten people into thinking that seniors will lose their coverage under the Romney/Ryan plan, completely disregarding the 55-and-over pledge.

I think Ryan’s scare retort was pretty lame because it showed that Ryan didn’t have a complete answer to rebut what Biden was saying. The mark of skilled debate comes from actually rebutting points that the opposition makes. Biden and Ryan both were throwing out talking points rather than debating things. That’s what made me pass out on the couch from boredom.

And after I woke up, I caught the rest on YouTube…

2) Biden made the point regarding how he was this devout Roman Catholic and “accepted the position of the Church” with respect to abortion, but “wouldn’t impose his beliefs on others”. To me, this is two big bunches of malarkey, as he would put it.

  • There is no way a politician can serve without imposing some standard of morality on others. His sense of morality drives him to class warfare – that it is somehow immoral for rich people to make too much money, seeking instead to take that money and give it to the poor.  This is kinda ironic, given his paltry charitable donations as compared to his income.
  • Biden says he “accepts the Church’s position  but that is a far cry from personally believing in the position that life begins at conception. If he did, then he would also agree with the Church’s position on abortion itself, that all human life must be “protected absolutely”. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, part 3, section 2, chapter 2, article 5, 2272 says “Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense.”

Since Mr. Biden refuses to stand against abortion in his position as vice-president, it’s my belief that he is in discord with this position. Not very good as a “practicing Catholic”, since the Church considers it gravely contrary to moral law.  In other words, I wouldn’t exactly think of him to be Opus Dei material.

Other than that, I wasn’t overly impressed with this debate. I thought it was going to be more of a fireworks show, but it was more like a fizzle.

Well, Romney and Obama are back at it this Tuesday. ObamaAd, Inc promises that Barack will be in better form. I hope so, that way, Romney has someone to actually talk to, rather than sleepy Obama or boring Jim Lehrer.

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October 14, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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Democrats Start Convention with Racist comments…and the Debt hitting $16T

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It’s not like we need yet another example of how two-faced that the Democrats have become lately.  We’ve had to listen to the uproar when Todd Akin made his “legitimate rape” comment last month and all the insane “war-on-women” nonsense.  We had to listen to a Yahoo news chief say that the “GOP was having a party while black people drown” (although he rightly got his butt canned for it). And we sat back and heard Chris Matthews imply that all people on welfare and food stamps are black, (for which Newt Gingrich slapped him back) and say that the very use of the word “Chicago” was racist.

Now we have James Burton, the chair-slime from the California Democrat party, and and make Paul Ryan out as a Nazi propagandist, like Joseph Goebbles.  Will there be any accountability on behalf of Burton or from any other lib-crat?  Not a snowball’s chance in Hades, because Democrats can pretty much get away with racist comments with impunity.

In other words, business as usual.  I guess it’s a fitting way to start the DNC progressive gushing, free-love, baby-killing, government-control party.

Have fun in Charlotte, you toads, with all of your chair-kicking labor bosses, college-students wanting government furnished prophylactics, cars, and education, anti-God race baiting, Native American-wannabes whose ancestors rounded up Cherokees for the Trail of Tears, anti-Life morons screaming about rights to kill babies, and whatever chain-carrying lib-tards you invite to the party.

A party that will be marked when the national debt rolls over $16 trillion – a debt that Obama said he would get serious about and cut the deficit in half.  But of course, we won’t be saying that during the convention, will we?

And make sure you all clean up after all the Occupy protesters leaving their junk behind.

Oh, and this just in…y’all need an ID just to get into the convention, how racist is that?

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September 3, 2012 at 4:40 pm

War on Women – It’s a Fluke

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This whole Sandra Fluke shows me just how absurd this entire so-called ‘War on Women’ nonsense is.

1. Sandra Fluke gripes and complains that her college’s health plan doesn’t give her access to free contraceptives. She goes before Congress to gripe about it. Rush Limbaugh calls her out on his radio program as a slut and prostitute – since she wants free birth control. Obama calls her up to console her for Rush’s “mean spirited” slander. And suddenly, she gets her 30 days of fame and becomes the new face of the farcical “war on women”.

My wife said to me today that some birth control meds are also prescribed for hormonal imbalance. Okay, I can buy that – but then, it’s no longer a “birth control” medication, but a hormonal regulator. I take an anti-depressant to keep my blood pressure in check, not unusual. And the way I see it, the Church shouldn’t have any problem with it, since the person taking it would be abstinent, but using the pills for another purpose – an off-label use.

Now, so long as the insurance company would pay for an off-label use of birth control pills to control hormones…

Ms. Fluke’s comment’s are just part of the chorus that proves the point that immorality comes with a high price. She wants that price to come down to allow immorality to have a lower cost – that’s what this is about. Whether she personally benefits from this or not is not my concern – I’m not interested in her personal life, so I won’t call her a “slut” or “prostitute”. But I will say that I don’t buy the lie about how Georgetown, a Jesuit university, should spring for her birth control, just because she can’t afford it.

Hold on…let’s unpack this point. According to Georgetown’s own site, tuition at the Law Center is $46,865, not including fees and books. So this girl can go to Georgetown, after attending and graduating from Cornell in 2003, yet she doesn’t have the money for birth control?

Yeah, right folks, this isn’t about helping ‘a poor underprivileged person in need of medication’. This is about advancing the social left’s immoral agenda. She went to Georgetown to further an agenda.

2. This whole thing about so-called “reproductive rights” is a nonsenical farce wrapped up in syntactical absurdity. No one anywhere is telling women they don’t have the right to reproduce (although there are some we wish wouldn’t). But there is no one stopping them from reproducing.

Oh, but it’s not about reproduction is it? It’s about PREVENTING reproduction. So rather than calling it reproductive rights, how about we call it the right to have sex-without-consequences? That is, after all, what the whole thing is about – unless pregnancy is some sort of virus that needs to be eradicated through medication.

But, at the risk of straw man, if pregnancy were a disease to be prevented, then, like AIDS, the best prevention is abstinence. Of course, the social lib-crats don’t want to hear that.

A Personal Statement for Ms. Fluke
Sandy, just so you know, the Democrats will treat you just like a prostitute. They will use you and, after they have had their way with your life, throw you to the side like last week’s news – because you are not important to them in the long run. You’re just another pawn in the Democrats bid to try to get moral high ground on an issue that they have been losing for decades – an issue that contributes to the death of millions of unborn children.

But if that make you feel good and sleep at night, then by all means – go ahead and jump right into that meat grinder.

I’m just sayin’…

Stay rabid my friends.

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March 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm

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