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Roll Tide Tells Illegals Roll Out

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‘Bama signs the most aggressive anti-illegal law to the books to date.

I’ve always liked the State of Alabama.  I have friends that hail from there.  They have awesome football programs.  I did my first parachute jump in Alabama.  And today, Governor Robert Bentley signed the most aggressive law regarding illegal immigration in the nation.  Roll Tide, ‘Bama!

The law basically states that the police are required to verify the citizenship status of anyone they feel is in the country illegally and makes it a criminal offense to provide transport or housing to any illegal immigrant. The state will also be checking the citizenship of students and penalize any business that knowingly hires an illegal alien.

In other words, like Arizona and Georgia, they are proclaiming that the state level to follow what is already codified in federal law.

For liberals, we’re expected to follow the law when the law is written to favor them.  However, the laws are not written to allow people to just walk through into the country unabated.  People are supposed to have documentation to be here legally.  After all, Mexico has the harshest immigration laws on the North American continent, yet have the audacity to throw rocks at the US for even suggesting we enforce immigration control to the US. You can read more on the Mexican hypocrisy here.

What’s funny about what’s in articles reporting the good news about Alabama is the fact that we hear language like, “Immigration rights advocates…”.  I get so flippin’ tired of hearing how people who are in this country illegally are supposed to be afforded the same rights as those of us who are here legally, whether by birth or by naturalization.  Yet we’re supposed to just roll over and welcome them here because their country of origin sucks worse than a swarm of hungry mosquitos.  Illegal foreigners have no rights afforded to them by the US Constitution.  They are not citizens.

The way I see it, Mexicans in the US illegally should be handled the same way as Mexico handles Americans in Mexico illegally.  Would any silly liberal care to challenge me on this point?

Good work, Alabama.  Keep up the fight.  The less desirable for illegals to be here, the less they will come.

Finally, a word from Magnus on the subject:


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June 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm

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