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Random Lobbing of the Bricks

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Every once in a while, we write one of these – just a random smattering of news stories that are barely worth a full blog post, but when put them all together, it makes enough of one.  A long time ago, a fellow brick-throwing blogger started a tradition and I think it’s high time to let tradition have its due – again. 

` Chelsea Clinton returns to the media spotlight as a journalist.  – Oh goodie.  Another reason not to watch NBC.  Why the heck is this even in the news?  What relevance does the young Ms. Clinton have anyway?  The sad part of this article is that the writer talks about the young Clinton running for Congress.  That’s a face-palm moment there.

Obama: It really doesn’t matter who the GOP nominates – of course it doesn’t, because any Republican with a pulse can beat you, Mr. President.  Your socialistically driven nonsense, wasted cronyism spending, and lack of leadership has made it so that any Republican could beat you.  And you are right, Mr. President, most all Republicans have a different vision than you – one where less government and lower taxes with reduced government spending rule the day.

Now this is just funny – turns out that General Hossein "Salami" is saying that Iran won’t return the drone that they captured from the US, boasting about their intelligence program.  Actually, that would be classified as a stroke of luck because for that one that malfunctioned and you found, there are about twenty more taking pictures of those mud-shacks you call houses.  Of course, any military that has a person called "salami" as a General only invites additional ridicule – after all, I guess when a guy’s entire family is named after a sandwich meat, one must resort to silly saber-rattling in order to get some respect. 

Salami with sharp cheddar cheese and a glass of tea….yum.

Of course, General, if you keep up with all this “hostile act” talk, you might find yourself much like “Baghdad Bob”.

That’s enough for now…more to toss later, as I read more nonsensical news.


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December 11, 2011 at 8:22 pm

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