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Assorted Bricks: Olbermann & Matthews and Tech Freedom

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So, PMS-NBC got rid of Olbermann, shipping his sorry liberal posterior to the nether regions of obscure TV.  And I think it was one of the best moves that MSNBC made.  Hey, I’ll give credit where due. 

So he releases a video on Al Gore’s very uninteresting Current TV, telling us all that Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the same title of the schlock show that got decimated by just about every show on FoxNews and CNN (and probably even the commercials, late night programming – even the dead space did better than Olbermann’s Countdown).

So, in response I say, yeah, so what.  Olbermann’s career is about as lively as an underwater migrating sponge, although I give the sponge more intelligence, particularly now that Olbermann is on Algor’s Glo-bull Warming network.

As Olbermann attempts to resurface with some sort of relevance, Matthews gets hacked by Pat Buchanan, citing a lack of journalistic integrity.  And this is interesting because Buchanan was on about the fact that the liberal media is covering up the entire birth certificate controversy and it was Matthews that even said for Obama to just show the certificate and silence all the silly birther nonsense.  

And the circle keeps rotating.

Now, onto this little bit regarding technology freedom.  It steps beyond the realm of conspiracy theory that there are technologies that get siloed and boxed in favor of controlling the marketplace and stifling innovation.  Perhaps it’s an appeal to popular thought that says that there are cars out there that can get 500 MPG or that there is some sort of nifty transporter technology that no one is talking about.  But this article speaks towards the problem with science, innovation, copyright, intellectual property and how the burning desire to make money is limiting our ability to innovate.  While this kind of thing may be a progressive thing for me to say, the truth cannot be denied – the fight for intellectual property has extended to the point where innovation is controlled by profit margins. 

But I also take issue with something that Jesse Jackson Jr. also said a couple weeks ago.  Turns out he was all in a huff over how the Apple iPad was killing jobs by putting publishing companies and newspapers out of business.  Yet, he is the same clown who said it would be a good idea for the federal government to provide an Apple iPad to every schoolchild.  Not sure what he means by that, but I wonder if he is still the kind of guy who believes the covered wagon manufacturers got slighted when Henry Ford started cranking out Model T’s.

Oh, did I mention Olbermann sucks?

Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 26, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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