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The Hypocrisy of CNN, Again

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So, for the last few days, CNN has been pressing this issue about Trump’s locker-room talk. But CNN has been doing everything they can to try to find Republicans who will speak out against Donald Trump. They don’t care about anything else at the moment, because all of their “news” coverage is spun to promote Hillary and destroy Donald.

First, yes he said those things.  They were vulgar.  Yep, they were.  I don’t think anybody out there denies that. And I believe the American public is smart enough to understand that there are plenty of people out there who use vulgarity on a day-to-day basis. Is it right? Depends on your state of morality. But I certainly cannot condemn the man when I myself have said those kinds of things more than once in my life.

CNN decidedly put backspin on this. They keep saying it like this:

Talking Head: “Is it okay that a man who wants to be President is saying these kinds of things and bragging about his treatment of women?”

Go ahead, keep making the brain-baby kick

Here is the point that they are not getting, and are hoping that you don’t get either. Donald Trump said these things back in 2005, when he was not running for President. Now no one has come up with any kind of video or audio of Donald Trump saying these kinds of things after his candidacy was announced. CNN is trying to put the cart before the horse. They are trying to spin comments from 11 years ago in a way that makes it look as if he’s saying right now. And their journalistic integrity is totally in question because they don’t bring up any of the reports of the vulgarities that Hillary Clinton has said.

And then we go back to Bill Clinton, who is in more sexual harassment and sexual assault situations, before he ever made a presidential run. It was even busted for his womanizing while he was in office! The public basically gave him a pass. Organizations like attempted to blanket over the whole thing. The situation with Monica Lewinsky forced the second of the only two impeachments in America’s history. The left wanted to breeze over it. And these are things that happened before he was in office and while he was in office.

This video clearly demonstrates CNN’s hypocrisy and how they are trying to create a picture that Donald Trump is not electable as a present. But yet they do the exact opposite when Bill Clinton is involved.

Somehow I get the feeling that CNN is even trying to remain objective anymore, as if they ever tried first place. I don’t even think they are trying to hide it.


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October 12, 2016 at 1:59 pm

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Feeling the Hate

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I guess the TEA parties continue to irritate and annoy the left – and it’s been shy of a week now since they took place.

1) Previously reported here on TRC, Janeane Garofolo spewed her hate and vitriol, calling the TEA parties “racist” and those who attended “dysfunctional, brain-damaged, rednecks”.

2) CNN reporter Susan Roesgen calls them “Anti-CNN, Anti-Government, supported by FoxNews”.

3) David Axelrod said on Meet the Press this past Sunday they are ‘unhealthy’. He cited the 95% tax cut campaign promise (which is nothing more than a red herring for what happens to the net gain in taxes when Obama lets the Bush tax cuts expire.

4) Commentators like Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper cracking out the frat-house humor, referring to these events as ‘tea bagging’, not only showing their liberal bias yet again, but showing their contempt for the right standing up.

5) The New Hampshire Democrat Party leader, Ray Buckley, came out and called those that protested an ‘unhinged mob’, ‘looked like they had lost their minds’, and ‘didn’t know what they were protesting’.

What gets me about all of this is that liberals cannot stand someone who sits opposed to their view on things.  Conservatives understand that there is room to disagree, and liberals will give lip service to this notion.  When they run out of logical things to say (of which that is minimal), they get into spewing vitriol and hate, throwing ad hominem attacks.  In fact, I’ve even had it thrown at me here on The Rabid Conservative

Liberal arguments that I have seen always seem to be replete with logical fallacy, a high degree of emotionalism, and lacking in actual fact.  I have to agree with what Rush Limbaugh said on his program today, that all of this hate and rhetoric comes not from logical reason, but feelings of attachment.

These people react in personal rage and anger when I say I hope Obama fails, because their emotional link to Obama tells them that I want them to fail, too, which is just the exact opposite.  And they’re going to be hurt more every day now that Obama is revealing himself to be exactly as I have described and predicted, and it hasn’t been clairvoyance. My descriptions and predictions of Obama were based on his past and present statements, his affiliations.  You see, what happened? I happened to flush out two kinds of people when I said I hope Obama fails: those who are emotionally invested in Obama (more so than they were invested in their own views and their own country) and I also flushed out those who share Obama and Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright’s views of the United States.  – Rush Limbaugh, April 20, 2009

But to add to Mr. Limbaugh, what I also see as a driver to this liberal venom and hatred for those who dare criticize That One is the fact that these people have a belief centered in relativism and that adherence to God’s law and Jesus’ teachings is marginalized.  While not everyone on the right is biblically-centered, spiritually active (I avoid the term, ‘religious’ since that is a human condition), few people on left demonstrate little care for the teachings of the Bible or anything definitive or absolute, but rather, think they know themselves what is right and wrong.  In other words, I have never found a saved, Bible-loving and believing person yet who believes that abortion is a good thing, or that we should let the institution of marriage be thrown to the side. 

So, adding these things together, you have someone who is diametrically opposed to true Biblical Christian worldview who can’t tolerate seeing one of their own criticized (even if it’s just).  They hate all that oppose them and they aren’t afraid to show it.

And so we see the hate spewed our way, blinding people to the message that actually does bring hope and change.

Are we feeling the hate now? Or maybe we should wait until another liberal complains about how bad we brain-dead rednecks from flyover country are, ranting on about something about which we have no idea. I give it another day for someone else to crawl out of the woodwork

* Interestingly, though, I do think Carville was right in his comments when he said this is ‘damaging to Republicans’.  The GOP has done very little in the last eight years to show its distinction for smaller government and lower taxes.  The TEA parties were a non-partisan protest, aimed at tax and spend (mostly spending) policy and this is something over which the GOP is just as guilty as the Democrat Party.

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April 21, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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