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For Downtrodden Conservatives – What We Do Now

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Well folks, the shutdown is over and we dodged the so-called default bullet.

I know many of you out there are sad, angry, irritated. We want to punch someone in the face over this. We want to scream and yell at all the “eaters” and “takers” out there who demand we surrender our liberties for their entitlement – and they are thankless ingrates who have no problem sponging off the system and hustling for what we work hard to give to our families. Believe me, I’m angry too. I wanted to print out a picture of Harry Reid, tape it to my heavy bag, and punch it until the paper was shredded, followed up by photos of GOP members for selling out and screwing up this whole thing.

But then, after talking to my wife, who is pretty upset over all of this, wondering, “what do we do now?”, well, I went to my chair and started thinking about all of this. She feels angry and betrayed, as we all do.  But it’s time to prepare for the next fight. That will take some wisdom.

1) Keep On Talking and Listening – We keep on going in the marketplace of ideas. Conservative ideas are good and pure and they work whenever we actually take the time to do them.  Now, don’t expect that the Mainstream Media is going to help – they are the soundboard for the Lib-crats – and there is no hope in changing them.

We won’t change the liberal mindset so long as we don’t have a message on which we all can get behind. Keep on tweeting, blog posting, and “Pass through the Grass” (yes, that sounds funny, but it’s a good slogan – “Pass through the Grass” means keep on talking to your friends, family, and co-workers (the grassroots). Don’t adopt talking points; instead, make the conservative message YOUR message. Integrate it into your thinking and speech and keep on talking.

We gotta stop preaching why liberal ideas are bad and focus on why conservative ideas are good. Do we even know?

Also, keep on listening and pointing out the failures of Obama and his left-wing libcrat Congress.  Continue holding Biden to ridicule. Continue holding the Administration accountable about Benghazi and the IRS scandals. Don’t let up.

2) Keep Resisting – We keep on resisting Government tyranny at every turn. Now I can’t tell you what to do, but I’ve decided to opt out of ObamaCare completely. I’m not signing up, I’m not buying in, and I’m not paying the IRS fee. ObamaCare requires seven million people signed into it for it to work.  I won’t be one of them. And maybe you might choose to not be either.

Now that won’t be easy, because I’ll have to be fiscally responsible and make sure I set money aside, in case something happens. But until they fix the system, I can’t afford the premiums. I have to do what is best for MY family, not someone else.

3) Enjoy Your Freedoms and Liberties – There is something to be said about someone who can continue to live in joy (something not easy for me) amidst pain, suffering, and hopelessness. We can continue to laugh at those angry liberals, drowning in their own misery, but the way I see it, the liberals spike a football every time we roll out our anger. They are overjoyed to see our sad or angry reactions. Don’t give it to them.

Enjoy your liberty and freedoms, because they are given to you by God, not government.

4) Pray and Ally with God – We pray and seek God’s will for all that we do. Remember, we’ll never get the liberals on our side, nor the RINO GOP’s who just want peace and love in Washington. But instead of getting people on our side, how’s about we surrender our will to God’s will and then, draw strength from that.

5) Remember your Reagan – Ronald Reagan taught many good things of how conservative government is supposed to work.  Thing is, Reagan didn’t have a Congress full of conservatives. He was a uniter – the “Great Communicator”. This is what we need to do, so here are some words of wisdom, from the Ol’ Gipper himself. for you:

  • Don’t speak ill of fellow Republicans (That’s going to be tough for us who are more allied with Tea Party values than the establishment)
  • If a Republican agrees with you 80% of the time, he’s your ally.
  • No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.
  • If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under.
  • There is nothing wrong with America that we, together, cannot fix.

Folks, it’s time we step up and remembered who we are, who we serve, and continue being Americans.

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October 17, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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TRC – A New Feature – Rabid Conservative Approved

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This week, I want to release a new feature on The Rabid Conservative – a seal of approval for content that I find on the internet that is befitting of Rabid Conservatism.

Today, conservatism has been very timid – emasculated because the liberals squawk every time we say something and telling us how very politically incorrect we are every time we speak out minds. We’re called racist because we dare stand up to That One.  We’re always called part of the problem because we believe that people should stand up for the same values that brought our country together in the first place – Judeo-Christian values, rather than the same mentality that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, that is, doing what is right in one’s own eyes.

It’s time we as Conservatives stop toying with these kool-aid drinkers and start fighting/biting back.


Macho Sauce Productions – Alfonzo Rachel

So, this week, I present the first seal to Alfonzo Rachel of Macho Sauce Productions. Alfonzo isn’t a big time celebrity or anything, but rather, a simple fellow who is willing to speak his mind and tell liberals what he really feels, not out of hatred or bitterness, but because he, like me, is tired of hearing the liberal noise, smelling the whiffs of kool-aid, and all the faerie dust from Barack Obama that we’re supposed to snort in order to believe in all the hope and change.

Do you know someone who might have just enough righteous froth to qualify as a Rabid Conservative? Shoot me a link in the comments below and our highly trained staff (yeah, OK, me), will give it a look. Alternatively, you can email tzonarin [at] hotmail [dot] com with your suggestion.

Until then, be Rabid – our country may very well depend on it.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 28, 2009 at 10:33 pm

TRC – No Kool-Aid For Me, Thanks.

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A number of people over the last couple days have adm0nished me because of my apparent lack of sensitivity about the inauguration. I’ve been called ignorant, bigoted, and harsh.

But I won’t back down from my position. I won’t drink the kool-aid and sniff the faerie dust.  I’m a conservative and I refuse to give up my positions because people find them offensive.  I refuse to apologize for my beliefs.  I believe that the individual has the power over his own destiny with hard work and God’s blessing, not because some liberal speech-writer, by proxy through Obama, tells us that we’re entitled to happiness.

With God’s permission, I make my own way in the world, and that offends people who would rather that I validate their need for entitlement by laying down, sticking a funnel in my gullet and letting some government bureaucrat pour the kool-aid in.  I don’t need the government in my business, my life, my health-care decisions, or telling me what is right and wrong.  In fact, it’s government that needs to be told how to do it’s business and what is right and wrong.

So, if I offend you with my words, I offer no apology to you, for it’s not me at which you’re anger is directed, but rather, my positions.  And if you hate me for my positions, well, don’t even consider us equals in the marketplace of ideas, because I still can still love you and do so because God has shown me the way.   You, however, in your intolerance, cannot.

Now, onto my rant:

Yesterday, I got a number of incendiary comments regarding my so-called “lack of sensitivity” regarding the inauguration.  I was told things like:

“this is an important moment for some”
“why do you have to rain on their parade. Let them have their day”
“you’re so heartless, this is an important step for humanity!”

Ugh…all the kool-aid is going to make me sick.

I take issue with all the pomp surrounding this event because people are so enamored with the man, as if he is anything more special than any of his collegues and peers in government.

“oh, Rick! But he represents CHANGE!!”

“Just what does he plan on changing and how will he change it? He has yet to articulate those what those changes are and what they mean to us.”

“That’s not what I meant.  I mean all the world is happy and smiling again, it’s wonderful!”

Why is it so wonderful?  What the heck is so wonderful about Barack Obama?  Yes, the people elected him and yes, he is the president.  But why are these people so gushy gushy over him?  I still remember the pictures of women crying profusely during his acceptance speech back in November, crying like they had just been given $20 million dollars, tax-free.

Is it because he’s not George Bush?  Well, we knew that.  Is it because he’s a liberal?  Well, we knew that too, even though we don’t really see the ramifications because the mainstream media treats Obama with kid gloves.

Hopefully, it’s not because he’s a man of color, because that would really just torque me off.  While I’m a firm believer in civil rights for all citizens, if a man of color was what they wanted in office, rather than someone whose policy decisions would be good for the country, that tells me that America didn’t listen to Dr. King’s statements about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Maybe it’s because of entitlement – that the people who elected him will have a president who will, in their perception, give them their hearts desire. I heard one woman remark on the radio, “I won’t have to worry about paying my rent anymore!” *gush gush* These people cannot be seriously thinking that electing Obama will absolve them of the responsibilities and hardships of life.

What ever the reason, well, I’m not buying it.  I’m not going to go all gushy gushy over Obama because I will judge him by the content of his character and by the things he will do while in office. If he refuses to protect the unborn, if he fails to protect the sanctity of traditional marriage, if he decides to crank up my taxes to pay for all the entitlement spending and bailout programs, he won’t earn anything but my harsh criticism.

And, God forbid, if we get attacked by some terror group because he felt the need to pull our troops back, thus taking the pressure off of Al Qaida and the Taliban, you can believe I’m going to scream at the top of my lungs, calling everyone who voted for him a blooming idiot.

However, if he starts reducing government interference in people’s lives, keeps taxes for EVERYONE, rich and poor, nice and low, protects the traditional family vehemently, repairs the business of America by letting the market sort itself out, and brings Osama Bin Laden’s head in on a silver charger, well, he’ll earn my respect.

“Well, Rick, you may not like the guy, but you have to respect him now – he’s our President”.

Oh really, if I’m supposed to be so respectful to our new President, then how about letting the the mobs of disrespectful protesters in Washington that were singing, “nyah nyah nyah nyah, hey hey, good bye” to President Bush during the inauguration ceremony show me how to do it?

I think not.  My respect for Obama is tied to what he does while in the Oval Office, not because I’ve got so much faerie dust in my eyes that it makes me cry.  I’ll still pray for him, though.

*sips tea*

Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 21, 2009 at 11:58 am

In Short – Failure is not an Option

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Hello everyone –

Victor Davis Hansen wrote a brilliant article over an National Review. He’s captured something that has been plaguing our society for quite a while – this insistence that no one need fail anymore.

Read: Failure is Not an Option

We have this belief today that, if people fail, that it’s bad. We stopped keeping score with kids games so they can all feel like winners – rather than teaching them the principles of Vince Lombardi’s speech What it Takes to be Number One. In short, we are emasculating ourselves because we can no longer stand to feel the pain of losing, even if it encourages us to do better next time.

The other day, my kid got her very first “F”. She was distraught over it, but she came to understand that failure is not something bad – it’s something that teaches you of what NOT to do or what doesn’t work. We need success to validate and reward, but we need failure to teach.

I teach classes where students can fail if they don’t do their homework. I am easy in some regards, but if they don’t try, they fail.  Today, though, I’m in the minority of instructors, who want that positive rating, rather than really teach students.

Well, I’m keeping this short. Read and shoot me a comment or reply (remember, be respectful).


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November 22, 2008 at 10:20 pm

The Conservative Underground – Day 16

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…deep within the super-secret bunker, codenamed Zion…

During the campaigns, Barack Obama made the statements that you can’t do the same things and get the same results. Yet he’s picked back up the old Democrat playbook from the ’90’s in hopes of reversing the Bush years.

I would have been a little more optimistic had Obama gone outside of the Washington Democrat inner circle (or just Washington in general) to find people for his cabinet and key advisor cadre. Yet his current trend of selections shows that aspiration of change may be in as sharp of a decline as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (which today closed 444.99 points lower to 7552.29, the lowest it’s been since March 2003 – interestingly but unrelatedly the month the US invaded Iraq).

Here’s a quick look at the first round draft picks for Team Obama:

Rahm Emanuel – White House Chief of Staff – Emanuel was part of the Clinton White House and is not really known for being a nice guy. In fact, this guy has got a reputation for being a nasty customer. One time, he got upset at a Democrat pollster and mailed him a big dead fish. Then, during a dinner party, he started in on what he called ‘disloyal’ Democrats and started stabbing the table with his dinner knife, shouting, “Dead!”.

Emanuel got demoted during Clinton’s second term from political director to policy adviser. One time, he blasted a reporter in his office, red-faced, finger-wagging. As he let the reporter out, he said, loudly, “And, dear sir, the horse you rode in on.”

Did we forget that Emanuel was Board Director of Freddie Mac during their accounting fraud? Turns out when Freddie Mac was deceiving investors between 2000 and 2002 (SEC complaint), he, with the rest of his board, missed all the red-flags. He bailed on Freddie Mac in 2001 to run for Congress.

The New York Times and the AP *forgot* to tell us all that the guy that Obama picked to be a key part of discussions relating to the failing house and mortgage markets failed to see failures in Freddie Mac, failures that contributed significantly to the market collapse.

Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State – We all know this seasoned lib lady isn’t about changing the attitude in Washington because of what she used as campaign rhetoric during the Primaries. One wonders if this appointment is the consolation prize in exchange for her cooperation after Obama beat her out for the Democrat ticket. How one can say the things she did about Obama, not name her as the Veep candidate, and not give her something for her trouble, well, let’s say to not think so is clearly suspension of disbelief. Hillary clearly would have rained on Obama’s party in ways that only a Clinton could.

I swear, Democrats are apt to eat their own young if they don’t get what they want.

Tom Daschle – Health Secretary – This guy was ousted from his Senate seat in 2004 when John Thune handed him a defeat. He’s been hanging out in South Dakota, working for lobby firm Alston & Bird, whose clients are health care interests like CVS Caremark, the National Association of Home Care and Hospice, Abbott Laboratories, and HealthSouth.

One startling thing that Daschle wrote in a book, “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis” which is no less scary than his time as Senate Minority Leader, “The next president should act immediately to capitalize on the goodwill that greets any incoming administration. If that means attaching a health-care plan to the federal budget, so be it…this issue is too important to be stalled by Senate protocol.”

So Daschle is willing to put the brakes on the federal budget if he doesn’t get his health-care plan, which is what we, as conservatives really see as bad news, European-style socialized medicine that puts government bureaucrats in charge of personal health decisions and government forms by the ton to get a physical. I guess this is all part of the unwritten right to health care that the Founding Fathers failed to put in the constitution. It should have been written, Right to Life (only if you aren’t a fetus), Liberty (as long as you do what we want), and pursuit of happiness (so long as it doesn’t involve serving God publically)…and health care too!

Well, perhaps that provision is a good thing – because if the Government can’t pass the budget, it shuts down, which might be good considering the orgy of spending and, now, bailouts, that has been going on.

Eric Holder – Attorney General – Holder was the No. 2 guy during the Clinton administration. Holder is a scary pick because he saw the pardons of Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans, part of the Weather Underground (the same group that Bill Ayers was a part of). He also oversaw the siezure of Elian Gonzales (remember the kid from Cuba?) and Marc Rich, who was indicted on charges of tax evasion and illegal trading with Iran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Rich held up in Switzerland and stayed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Clinton pardoned Rich. Holder made that happen.

So basically, when looking at Eric Holder, we see Janet Reno – with a big mustache. (or a bigger mustache).

So, Change We All Can Believe In begins with old faces, which means their old ideas and old rhetoric. Of course, the people who voted for Obama don’t have a clue about this – or don’t care. They just wanted to keep McCain (read: McSame) out of the center seat.

And we take one failed group of policies and replace it with another.

Hold on to your wallets, people. The libs are back in town.

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November 20, 2008 at 4:44 pm

The Conservative Underground: Day 10

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If it’s not terrorism, then what is it?

I’m referring to today’s interview between Chris Cuomo of ABC and William Ayers on Good Morning America. During his interview, Bill Ayers was questioned by Chris Cuomo as to whether his activities as part of the Weather Underground are deemed acts of terrorism. Ayers said, “It’s not terrorism because it didn’t target people”.

In the ’60’s, as a Weatherman, Ayers’ and his associates planted explosive devices at the Pentagon, at the NYPD, and attempted to do so at the Capitol. Ayers is unrepentant of these acts and even on 9/11, wishes his group could have done more. In these acts, two NYPD police officers were killed as well as three Weathermen (because of their inability to use explosives). However, Ayers disagreed with Cuomo’s definition of terrorism because it didn’t involve the specific targeting of people.

So, I did some checking into the actual definitions of terrorism and noted some very interesting argument and debate as to what is terrorism and what is not. In 2005, the UN wrestled with this because of different opinions about whether it was violence directed at just people (as Ayers maintains) or if it involved the destruction of property, whether the motivation was directed at influencing a government or if it included religions or ideological reasoning, and whether the intent was to kill people or merely to frighten.

The etymology of the word, “terrorism” suggests that the intent is to frighten someone into changing behavior, with the first instances showing up in 1793 during the French Revolution. With that definition, we notice that it revolves around whether the use of violence is legitimate and legal (for example, soldiers could not be accused of terrorism if their war has legitimacy – even though that is even subjective, based on who is being tried)

Today, the definition of terrorism, as a matter of governmental policy, is mired on interpretation and reminds me of SCOTUS Justice Stewart’s 1964 opinion about pornography: “I can’t really define it, but I know it when I see it.” I’m afraid the same can be said about terrorism.

The US (which really, is whose definition is the only one that really matters since these acts occurred in the US), deems terrorism as any violent or life-threatening act that in violation of criminal law which appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce the civilian population to influence Government policy, affect gov’t conduct by mass destruction assassination or kidnapping (Title 18 USC Section 2331)

The UK and the EU agrees with this position, attempting to advance a political, religious, or ideological cause by intimidation involving serious violence against a person, serious damage to property, endangering life, or creating a serious risk.

However, while western society seems to have arrived at some basic consensus over what terror is, the rest of the world, particularly those in radical Islamic circles, have a different opinion, again, because of the legitimacy question. Radicals don’t see terrorism as such because they believe that the Quran gives them the license to commit violence, because it’s legitimate when attacking infidels.

As for me, I see that Ayers is dancing around the truth and is being intellectually dishonest (which is dubious for an academic as he is). He doesn’t want to admit what many in this country would agree to be terrorism, that, while he wholly disagreed with what was going on Vietnam, with 2,000 soldiers per month getting killed over there, that his actions were, indeed, acts of terror.

People like Bill Ayers disgust me no end. He admits that what the Weathermen did was “over the line in a political and legal sense and even in an commonsensical manner”. Yet, he does not regret anything that he did, because in his distorted view of reality, his acts of terror and demonstration were wholly legitimate.

Tell that to the NYPD officers you killed, Mr. Ayers. You’re as contemptible as they come and I can’t believe you are a citizen of this country. I’m a patriot. You’re far less.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 14, 2008 at 5:25 pm

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