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Unlikely Debate Attendee Gets Unknown Boon of Fame

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So, this week, we met Mr. Kenneth Bone, a 34 year-old coal plant worker from southern Illinois who ends up on the debate. Probably the biggest thing to happen in his life, he has this olive suit that, at the last second, got traded out for a bright red zipper sweater because the poor guy split the seam of his trousers.

He gets on, and he nervously asks a question of the candidates about the future of energy policy. Makes sense. Coal worker. Question is personal for him. Standard canned answers from the candidates.

Ken Bone Asks About Future Energy Policy


The next day, he not only becomes a meme, his image all over the internet faster than pajama boy or Joe the Plumber, but his red pullover sweater becomes one of the hottest ideas for Halloween (in fact, I believe I read somewhere that Amazon had sold out of them by 10AM.

Now this next thing, how does THIS happen??

So, Mr. Bone gets a letter from the adult webcam site, CamSoda, offering him $100,000 to appear on their website as a commentator. You can read the offer letter and fall out of your chair in near disbelief.

In the D&D gaming world, it’s like rolling a d20 die and getting three 20’s in a row, which the odds are about 1 in 8000, which, according to some rule variants, instantly dispatches a creature attacked by the party. Yeah, I’m a nerd. So what. But the likelihood isn’t something you see, but maybe once in a lifetime.

Ken Bone critted on the Internet. He shows up on national TV, becomes a meme, gets a porn offer, ends up on the Monday morning news, has a few Twitter hashtags named after him, and who knows what. How the heck does this happen?

There are so many people out there on the Interwebz that are vying for attention. YouTube channels, blowhards writing blogs (yeah, me too), people Twittering on multiple accounts to be a big time 140 character micro-blogger, private internet radio wanna-be’s. And you know what, they don’t get anywhere. A few thousand “followers”. But here comes this fellow in a red zip sweater and he owns it.

I guess this isn’t completely unheard of. 21 year old Searcy Hayes from Natchez, Mississippi got offered a $10,000, six-minute porn deal because her face looks just like Ted Cruz, after appearing on Maury Pauvich. 


I want to say, “only in America”, but this blows my mind.


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October 10, 2016 at 7:49 pm

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Hillary Got it Wrong–SCOTUS Question

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The Court has the power of “Judicial Review”, which means that the it’s the court’s job to apply standing legislation, and most importantly, the Constitution, to various situations where the law doesn’t spell out what should be done.

Well, part III of the debate process happened last night. And with Trump’s performance in his Three-on-One debate, this little gem stood out:


Beth Miller: Good evening. Perhaps the most important aspect of this election is the Supreme Court justice. What would you prioritize size as the most important aspect of selecting a Supreme Court justice?

Hillary Clinton: Thank you. You are right. This is one of the most important issues in this election. I want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works, who have real life experience. Who have not just been in a big law firm and maybe clerked for a judge and then gotten on the bench, but maybe they tried more cases. Actually understand what people are up against. Because I think the current court has gone in the wrong direction. I would want to see the Supreme Court reverse Citizens United and get dark unaccountable money out of our politics. Donald doesn’t agree with that. I would like the Supreme Court to understand that voting rights are a big problem in many parts of the country. That we don’t do always do everything we can to make it possible for people of color and older people and young people to be able to exercise their franchise. I want a Supreme Court that will stick with Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, and I want a Supreme Court that will stick with marriage equality. Now, Donald put forth of the names of people he would consider. And among the ones that he has suggested are people who would reverse Roe v. Wade and reverse marriage equality. I think that would would be a terrible mistake and take us backwards. I want a Supreme Court that doesn’t always side with corporate interests. I want a Supreme Court that understands because you are wealthy and you can give more money to something doesn’t mean you have more rights or should have any more rights than anything else. So I have clear views about what I want to see to change the balance on the Supreme Court and I regret deeply that the senate has not done its job and they have not permitted a vote on the person that President Obama, a highly qualified person. They have not given him a vote to be able to have the full complement of nine Supreme Court justices. I think that was a dereliction of duty. I hope they will see their way to doing it, but if I am so fortunate as to be president, I will immediately move to make sure that we fill that. We have nine justices and that they get to work on behalf of our people.

Donald Trump: Justice Scalia, great judge, died recently and we have a vacancy. I am looking to appoint judges very much in the mold of justice Scalia. I am looking for judges and have actually picked 20 of them. So that people would say: Highly respected. Highly thought of and actually very beautifully reviewed by just about everybody. But people that will respect the Constitution of the United States. And I think that this is so important. Also, the Second Amendment which is totally under siege by people like Hillary Clinton. They’ll respect the second amendment and what it stands for and what it represents.

Now, class, did you find the right answer in what the candidates said? Which one? If you said Trump, you’d be right, not for all the rhetoric, but for these two statements (emphasis and editing mine):

Clinton: I believe the current court has gone in the wrong direction. I want a Court that understands voting rights are a big problem, that will stick with Roe v Wade, marriage equality, doesn’t side with corporate interests, understands that because you’re wealthy, you don’t have more rights. I want to see a change in the balance on the Supreme Court.

Trump: I am looking to appoint judges…that will respect the Constitution of the United States.

If you look at the Supreme Court’s own page, it will talk about judicial review. Not about promoting causes that one candidate things are important. Not changing the balance because decisions are not palatable. But applying the law as it stands.

So Trump answered this question, and once you pare down the fluff, succinctly – judges that will respect the Constitution.

If this were a game show, Hillary would have gotten a big ugly buzzer.  She got it wrong.  And she stepped up with the statements of judicial activism rather than the law. Why?

Because, on the left, causes are more important than law. We see it with Black Lives Matter in their sense of entitlement while gunning down police officers. We see it in the entire LGBTQ+, etc etc alphabet soup that now wants to redefine the human race as having about seven genders, rather than two. We see it with abortion and gay marriage. They’re not concerned about the rule of law, they are concerned about using the judiciary to change law (rather than going through Congress).

It’s important to understand what the Courts are supposed to do and not what we wish them to do.  Trump wins on that one.


To my vulgar speaking, deplorable friends.

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October 10, 2016 at 11:30 am

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Hillary Wants Equal Distribution of Profit

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It’s completely apparent that Hillary has no idea how business is supposed to work.

During the Tuesday Debate, Hillary made the following nonsense statement:

Clinton: I also want to see more companies do profit-sharing. If you help create the profits, you should be able to share in them, not just the executives at the top.

Um, lady, do you even have a clue how companies work?

First off, employees do get a share of the revenues that company brings in – it’s called a paycheck. An employee works and gets paid.  That’s their share of the profits.

But Clinton doesn’t believe this is fair enough. She thinks that if a company makes big money, the employees should get some of that. The issue here is that Clinton overlooks the other part of profit-sharing, the risk and investment part.

You see, people who put their own capital in to a company are the investors and stakeholders. They are the ones that put up the money to get a company going, started, and flourishing. When times are good, the money made in profit goes out to these people. The risk is that if the company goes downhill because business isn’t good, these are the people that lose out. Now, I don’t see any of these employees putting up the extra money to prop up the company in those dry spells. But Hillary here is playing to the entitlement group by saying that employees are entitled to the profits.

Perhaps Hillary just means that more companies should offer their employees profit-sharing programs as part of their benefits package, but that’s now how she worded it. She basically said, if you create the profits (read: worked for the company), you should get a cut.

So why didn’t Trump call her on this?

Well, there are so many ways that Trump could work this, but if he goes to defensively responding to all of Hillary’s nonsense during the debate, she would control the narrative – something a good debater will do. But he had to have the epic eye roll when she said that little bit of socialist noise. Good thing she wore a red dress.

Makes sense.

To my friends.

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October 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm

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Veep Debate – Could Have Been Better

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Well, I’m glad to see that the Veep debate wasn’t as much of a waste as I had previously thought. The polls and pundits are calling for a narrow Biden win over Ryan or a draw. If by win, we mean how many times we saw grumpy, old Uncle Joe interrupt the moderator and his opponent, then yeah, Biden won. But Biden basically used his constant interrupting and snarky-snark to win, in the absence of real facts. Once again, he kept trumping up the “five trillion” number and pontificating that people should “use some common sense”.

Still though, I do have to say that Biden did do one thing positive – he was able to at least not further the damage to Obama through horrible debate skill, not to say that Biden was saying anything really of note. Anyway, here are a couple of my observations:

1) Biden kept playing the “use some common sense” card, particularly during the Medicare debate. To me, this is more of an Appeal to Common Belief fallacy. The issue is that the bandwagon beliefs of Medicare are what got us here in the first place. Medicare needs to be overhauled, not maintained. Biden goes out there and tries to frighten people into thinking that seniors will lose their coverage under the Romney/Ryan plan, completely disregarding the 55-and-over pledge.

I think Ryan’s scare retort was pretty lame because it showed that Ryan didn’t have a complete answer to rebut what Biden was saying. The mark of skilled debate comes from actually rebutting points that the opposition makes. Biden and Ryan both were throwing out talking points rather than debating things. That’s what made me pass out on the couch from boredom.

And after I woke up, I caught the rest on YouTube…

2) Biden made the point regarding how he was this devout Roman Catholic and “accepted the position of the Church” with respect to abortion, but “wouldn’t impose his beliefs on others”. To me, this is two big bunches of malarkey, as he would put it.

  • There is no way a politician can serve without imposing some standard of morality on others. His sense of morality drives him to class warfare – that it is somehow immoral for rich people to make too much money, seeking instead to take that money and give it to the poor.  This is kinda ironic, given his paltry charitable donations as compared to his income.
  • Biden says he “accepts the Church’s position  but that is a far cry from personally believing in the position that life begins at conception. If he did, then he would also agree with the Church’s position on abortion itself, that all human life must be “protected absolutely”. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, part 3, section 2, chapter 2, article 5, 2272 says “Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense.”

Since Mr. Biden refuses to stand against abortion in his position as vice-president, it’s my belief that he is in discord with this position. Not very good as a “practicing Catholic”, since the Church considers it gravely contrary to moral law.  In other words, I wouldn’t exactly think of him to be Opus Dei material.

Other than that, I wasn’t overly impressed with this debate. I thought it was going to be more of a fireworks show, but it was more like a fizzle.

Well, Romney and Obama are back at it this Tuesday. ObamaAd, Inc promises that Barack will be in better form. I hope so, that way, Romney has someone to actually talk to, rather than sleepy Obama or boring Jim Lehrer.

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October 14, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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Romney 1 – Obama – 0

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The most amusing part of tonight’s debate had little to do with the debate but with the fact that the left-wing pundits are all unhinged about Obama’s dismal debate performance.  Yes indeed, Obama certainly got the intellectual stuffings beat out of him.

1) There was no substance in his arguments.  Each time he threw out a point, it was really unsubstantiated by reference.  Romney is a skilled debater who understands one key point – cite your references in the debate to make your points stronger.  Romney did this over and over again.  Obama did, like, once, but Romney scalpeled it out within a minute, as soon as he could wrest control of the momentum from Lehrer, which wasn’t that hard at all.

And on that point, Romney scored by saying that he has his own jet, own house, but not his own facts.  Obama kept repeating the whole $5T number, even when Romney kept telling him over and over.  Can’t score momentum through repetition – unless you do music or something.

2) Romney was punching at Obama’s failures.  I have to say, the $90B spent on green initiatives that failed could have better served by hiring two million more teachers was a great way to show how Obama’s priorities are out of step with is own rhetoric.

3) Obama tried to play the same card that McCain tried four years ago  the “That One” card where he said, essentially, “if you like his ideas, vote for him”.  When McCain said that in 2008, I about spewed my drink.  The only way it recovered is by giving us a title (That One), that we could play with in the blogosphere for four years.  Thanks, John, for that, BTW.

4) Romney had energy – Obama showed fatigue; I almost felt sorry for him.  He really looks like he needs to go back to Chicago, bum a cigarette, and get howling drunk.  The gray hair, deflated look, eyes sunken – it reminded me of this 1988 Pizza Hut commercial  watch the poor guy wither away with each passing meal:

5) My daughter mentioned this – even Romney’s flag pin was twice as large as Obama’s.  If you look at their ties, the were even drifting to their right sides, toward Romney.  Yeah, okay, that had nothing to do with anything, unless you believe in omens.

Tonight’s winner was clearly Romney.

I can’t wait for the Veep to have a chat with Paul Ryan.  I think, in this case, youth and vigor will overcome age and treachery.  October 11, we find out if Biden can even dance and not remind us of that old weird uncle that wears shorts, black socks and wing-tip shoes at the family reunion with his array of gaffes.

Stay rabid, my friends.

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October 3, 2012 at 10:31 pm

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