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Fight for 15? I say, FIRE for 15!

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I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. People are striking at McDonalds because they aren’t making $15/hour. Are you kidding me? $15/hour?

Since when is this McDonald’s fault? Since when was Subway and Burger King responsible for making sure that employees could sustain a family of six on their meager minimum wage salary. But today, these ingrates are laying this at the feet of all those companies out there that provide those jobs. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The way I see it, every person who decides to strike because of this crap needs to be fired and replaced with people who want to work, not these idiots with their pricy neck tattoos and acrylic nails (hat tip: @FlyOverAngel) or the ones that weigh in at over 250 lbs (hat tip: @jd_bowen). They need to LOSE their jobs because they’re obviously not happy with them.

When I started out after high school, I took a job making $3.35/hour washing dishes at a truck stop. I didn’t gripe that it wasn’t enough to live on. I just needed something for residual income before going to the Army. That’s what a minimum wage job is for. I never complained. I busted my butt.

I was there to wash dishes. But I went further. I learned how to prepare food and work the grill, I bleached down the kitchen when time allowed, I waited tables so the waitresses could get a break, and I made our customers feel welcome and valued. I learned a lot about customer service – that was my takeaway beyond the pay.

Now I’m sure there are those out there that want to work, but can’t find a job, but the majority that I see in my experience are those who are not willing to do what it takes, to make the sacrifices and hold the moral line against those things that will eradicate prosperity.

You want to know why the so-called living wage is going up?

  1. It’s because Fed continues to devalue our money by pumping more stimulus into the economy. The more plentiful something is, the less valuable it is. The value of a hamburger doesn’t change that much. But when it takes more dollars to get the same value, the hamburger goes up in price.
  2. It’s because of entitlement. Everyone is believing that lie that they deserve a new car or a 52″ LCD TV. It would seem my generation was the last one to hear the message that if you want the big things, earn the money and go buy them.
  3. It’s because of immorality. Sorry, but getting drunk, stoned, or knocked up has serious financial costs. When you have three kids by three different men (and you don’t know which one is which), you deserve to live in poverty. The kids, however, also suffer for your mistake. Don’t expect that you’ll get jobs in a corporate office if you’re sporting gang tattoos or have sunken red eyes from smoking mary-jane all night.

I don’t have much sympathy for those who don’t want to work and are not willing to sacrifice to get ahead. They’re not going to be the next Donald Trump by holding a sign and griping about how hard things are. They climb that ladder through hard work, diligence, and persistence.

By the way, do you think the labor bosses and tinpots at the SEIU make paltry salaries? How many different ways can you say hypocrisy?

To my friends.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 5, 2013 at 11:52 am

A $15 Minimum Wage? Fat chance!

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Once again, we continue to fight the battle over minimum wage.

Don’t they realize that the reason why costs have gone up on things is because the Fed continues to devalue the American Dollar by dumping more of their printed works of financial fiction into the market?  What that does is require EVERYONE to take a pay cut.  This is why we have those “adjusted for inflation” numbers – it’s because money isn’t worth what it once was.

If they indeed raise the minimum wage, then the cost of everything goes up to match inflation.  Do you seriously want to pay $15 for a Big Mac?

The thing is, the value of goods and services are what someone will pay for them.  But cost is not an evaluation of value because it’s contingent upon changing dynamics.  Instead, how about we value things based on the amount of time to acquire them?

For example, let’s take your time.  Every person, no matter age, gender, skin color, or ethnicity, gets 24 hours a day – 168 hours in a week.   You want to buy a microwave oven for $80 and you make $10/hr (taxes notwithstanding).  That’s a full day’s wages, spent for that microwave.

Folks, this is what economics is built on – simple unchanging ideas of the value of things.

Now, not to be overly mean, but many of these whiny people working min-wage jobs aren’t running around with college degrees (or have degrees in non employable fields).  They lack drive to actually improve themselves – but rather, want that entitlement.  They think they are actually WORTH more money than their being paid.

So, something I heard on Rush today – ask one of these nitwits how much is enough.  $20/hr?  $30/hr?  $50/hr?  Sooner or later, they will see that $50/hr is too much for flipping burgers at which point, you get them on their valuation.

Minimum wage jobs aren’t meant to build careers on.  People that aspire to nothing more than to flip burgers don’t deserve the bigger salaries.  No one out there is saying, “you deserve to be paid more!”.  So why should I demand it?

Stay rabid, my friends…

Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm

Even With a Credit Downgrade, Dems Don’t Get It

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Can we really be surprised that the US was going to be downgraded?

I love America and the exceptionalism that makes us a leader in the world.  But as of last night, other nations will have to take the lead in the financial world because the thing that was prophesized, a downgrade in our credit rating, happened.

We can’t say we were not warned of this.  During the debt deal debacle, Moody’s and S&P warned the US that in order to preserve the AAA credit rating, at least $4 trillion would have to be shaved from the budget.  That means we would have to spend less, because there’s no way we were about to raise that kind of revenue in taxes (at least through direct taxation).  The best deal that Congress could schlep together

So, last night we got downgraded and we have to recognize that the Canadian Dollar and the British Pound are safer bets for investment than the US Dollar.  We may not want to accept that, but it’s true.  And why?  Because Congress keeps pushing up the debt ceiling and devaluing the US Dollar. 

It’s because Congress’ inability to stop the spending and act responsibly with the American taxpayers’ money that reduces the force of the US Dollar in the world economy.  It’s sad that the world has to pick up the spoon and tell Congress to eat our peas.  Right, Barry?

Unfortunately, we are staring it right in the face.  And until the Congress, and specifically, the militant progressive Lib-crats who only want to cut spending from the Department of Defense to preserve their voter base, changes its ways and does what all of us on Main Street, Elm Street, Sycamore Drive, and Blueberry Way have to do to keep our financial houses in order, it will never change.

And this just in. Democrats want more revenue, aka use class warfare to tax the rich* and punish them for having a corporate jet or an oil business.  Ooo…big surprise, Jeebs.  I’m all for stopping the cash giveaways but while we are browbeating the rich, perhaps we out to knock off ALL the cash giveaways – which means, cut the spending to bloated wasteful entitlement programs.

It’s stunning how very dimwitted the Dems are on this topic.  But hey, their rhetoric is great for politics.


* By the way, you can’t tax the rich because those billionaire corporate jet-owning oil tycoons will just pass the expenses onto their customers.  Sooner or later, the middle-class gets the pinch because the poor just can’t pay.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 6, 2011 at 12:54 pm

College Graduate Sues Alma Mater for Own Inability to Get Job

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Well, an interesting news article surfaced that just bristled Magnus’* fur and didn’t bode that well for my attitude either.

Today, a news story surfaced about a one Trina Thompson who has just recently graduated (in April 2009) from Monroe College in the Bronx with a degree in Information Technology.  Monroe is basically one of those local private colleges that offers an array of degrees in business, IT, criminal justice, and the like.  Private colleges in general are known for very high tuitions and high pressure admissions.

Well, Thompson now feels some rather ill spirit towards her alma mater.  Turns out she has elected to file a lawsuit in the Bronx Supreme Court for $70,000 to recoup the costs of her tuition.  She maintains that Monroe didn’t help her enough in her job search and placement ambitions since she graduated in April (just four months ago) with her job search and feels that she should have gotten a good job in IT by now.  She feels she’s now entitled to have her tuition refunded, since she’s not in solid employment.

Ms. Thompson is pathetic.  And not just the normal pathetic, but the left-wing, social justice crying pathetic.

To think that it’s her college’s fault that she’s not hired in the IT industry is to do something that the left-wing does routinely – blame others for their own shortcomings. 

1. First, just because you have a degree means that you are immediately employable. In today’s world, and particularly in Information Technology, the landscape is pretty barren.  It’s tough to compete with just one thing in your dossier.  To make it in IT, you have to have a degree in IT, be certified in current technology, be experienced in the systems that the company is using, be sharp, and a solid team player.

But the IT world is also flooded and has been for about the last 7-8 years.  With all the “get-your-MCSE” mills and IT paper houses throughout the country, finding an IT professional worth their salt is not as easy as seeing a piece of paper.  But somewhere along the line, Monroe convinced her that if she took a degree from there, she’d have a good job.  I wonder if these people advertise on late late night TV.

2. Paying $70,000 for a private college education doesn’t demonstrate a fair amount of frugality and intellect.  Not to put down Monroe, (I’m sure they are a decent enough school – they have to be to get accredited), but when I see the price tag, I only just shake my head at that.  Turns out the IT program is 120 credit hours with 3CR classes in the upper division. Given that $70k price tag, I would surmise that Ms. Thompson stupidly paid upwards to $550 per credit hour for her degree.  Not real smart.

3. The economy is still limping along, with an unemployment rate at 9.5% nationally and around 8.7% in New York State.  I did a search, however and just on one employment website, I found over a thousand IT jobs posted.  Granted those jobs are going to be pretty competitive, but my thinking is that Ms. Thompson is expecting that Monroe find her a job, rather than she finding a good job on her own.  In other words, she doesn’t have a job since she graduated, so Monroe isn’t doing enough to get her employed.  This is a red herring.

Ms. Thompson needs to stop listening to all the left-wing entitlement mentality missives and come join us in the real world.  Colleges may educate, but mostly, the private ones are in the business to confer degrees – pull them in, push them through, get ‘em out again.  Sometimes, you’ll encounter instructors that want and are able to teach students, but in my experiences, that’s not the college’s aim.  These colleges are private companies, in the business to make money.  That’s not a crime, but Ms. Thompson doesn’t get the idea that the school is not there to make sure she is able to get into the workforce.  Ideally, the school is there to give her the education and the degree so she can go get the job on her own.

I am so sick of this entitlement mentality – that the world owes something because the person complaining feels like those who have succeeded need to bail out those who have not.

Sounds like something else…?

Perhaps she should go to work for the government or some social justice organization like ACORN, SEIU, or the like and do their computer systems (if she is good enough).  She will fit right in – until they screw her over and she opts to sue.


*(yes, I finally named the iconic dog of The Rabid Conservative.)

Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 2, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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