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Welcome Mr. Guillory to the GOP!

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During a press conference at the end of May, Louisiana state senator Elbert Guillory decided enough was enough and changed parties – from Democrat to Republican.

Now party jumping isn’t exactly new – it happens frequently.  But the causes of this switch are what is interesting – racism among the Democrat Party.  Mr. Guillory became a Democrat in 2007 but after continuously hearing all of the lame excuses about the primary reasons why ObamaCare isn’t being embraced by the population: because Obama is black.  Yeah, I agree Mr. Guillory, that’s quite lame.

Mr. Guillory had these other comments that make one wonder if history is even taught in public school.

“In recent history, the Democratic Party has created the illusion that their agenda and their policies are what’s best for black people. Somehow, it has been forgotten that the Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an abolitionist movement, with one simple creed – that slavery is a violation of the rights of man,”

“Democrats, on the other hand, were the party of Jim Crow. It was the Democrats who defended the rights of slave owners.”

“At the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all Americans. But the left is only concerned with one thing: control. And they disguise this control as charity.”

It’s a startling omission how so many people today believe that the Democrat party is the party of civil rights when they, themselves, filibustered the bills that came through Congress to give blacks equal rights.  I kind of wonder if blacks today have, in fact, given up their hard earned freedoms and liberties in exchange for government subsidy.

This opens a wider angle here – the one that demonstrates that freedom cannot be achieved through dependency and entitlement.  We sacrifice our freedom and liberty to make our own way in the world when we call upon government to rescue us from the difficulties of life, rather than calling out to God in Heaven who is the benefactor of all good things.

Today, the black community is walking itself into slavery again – this time, being enslaved by government entitlement that keeps them from the drive that pushes people to overcome.  The Democrats weep alligator tears when they see people starve.  Conservatives weep when we see people lose their freedom for a handout.

The rigors of life are the mountain that gives us accomplishment, growth, strength, and courage.  When we constantly carry a child around, we deprive them of the drive to stand on their own feet and learn to walk.  Growth and maturity come from adversity, and the determination to overcome that adversity and not bathe in complacency.

My daughter said to me this morning, “Dad, I am having a hard time finding ways to earn money”, after asking me to buy her a notebook for her art.  I told her she would have to pay me back for it, not because of my greed or “frugality”, but I want her to begin to understand that it’s okay to want things – but we must work for them.  If we just get them without effort, we don’t treasure them as much.

Democrats and liberals out there, what is your freedom worth to you?  Are you so hell-bent on a over-controlling government that you are willing to sacrifice freedom to get it?   Seriously.

Here’s Mr. Guillory’s video for you to enjoy.


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June 19, 2013 at 8:09 am

So What’s Got Obama’s Goat?

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ImageThis is kind of strange to me.  What did Bob Woodward say that actually got him some hate mail from the White House?   

Mr. Woodward has been very critical of the White House lately, from his comments regarding Obama not dispatching the USS Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf out of budget concerns.  And then Mr. Woodward slammed ObamAd, Inc over the so-called sequester.  

But why is that different than all the other comments that ObamAd has received over the last four or so years.  With commentators on AM talk radio, pretty much the whole FoxNews network, and the thousands of blog and commentary sites like The Rabid Conservative, I wonder what all the stir is suddenly where Woodward gets the ire of the White House?

Perhaps it’s because it’s due to the comments being received on CNN and MSNBC, channels that are pretty much the soundboard of the left wing.  Perhaps it’s Woodward’s long history in journalism that made the Libcrats think they had him in their pocket.  I don’t really know for sure – just speculating.

All I do know is that someone in ObamAd, Inc. has their undies in a wad.

Read it: Bob Woodward: White House Threatened Me On Sequester Reporting – Business Insider.

BTW: I am thinking Woodward should expose the staffer who said the “regret” comment.  Probably never happen, but still, it would be funny!

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February 27, 2013 at 10:11 pm

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Anyone Still Think Democrats Believe in Liberty?

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In the light of Sandy Hook, the Lib-crats have been up in arms against the right to bear arms.  And despite the fact that the law says “not infringed”, which means no violation or encroachment of the exclusive right, the socialists in Washington take the steps to divest Americans of owning weapons, by infringing on the types of weapons and ammunition that they may own.

ImageBut now, we have a Democrat in the Illinois State Senate who believes that liberties and freedoms of the First Amendment needs a little paring back. State Senator Ira Silverstein has dropped the Internet Posting Removal Act that says that if requested, a website administrator to remove all comments from people who are not willing to reveal their identity.

Now we all have to deal with trolls on the net.  In most cases, they are a general nuisance because they don’t add anything of any real benefit to an otherwise intellectual conversation.  Thing is, the Constitution prevents the federal Congress from making rules against any speech, including speech lacking in intellectual merit.

Since Silverstein’s work only applies to the state of Illinois,his bill has no effect on the federal level.  But he wants to be able to arm-twist a web administrator to preventing people from posting anonymously or under a pseudonym.

Why?  What’s the big deal with the trolls anyway?  As annoying as they are, it’s not like anything that they say is really that harmful.  Sometimes, they are funny.  And heaven knows we get our own share of trolls out here – mostly liberals and spam bots.

Unless, this has nothing to do with mindless trolls or ghost writers, but rather, people who raise critical points against elected officials who can’t handle the criticism – which would make more sense to me.

And from what I hear of Mr. Silverstein, his skin is transparently thin.  What are you afraid of, Ira?  Or does the free exercise of liberty make you shake in your wingtips?


Read It: Illinois state senator pushes anti-anonymity bill | The Daily Caller.
Trollface: Hattip to Whynne and

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February 21, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Stupid Chi-Coms Demand American Disarmament – Liberals Agree

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ImageI am really glad I live in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, unlike the Chinese who are part of the Land of the Oppressed.  And even though the Second Amendment is very much still a part of American law, it’s surprising that we even acknowledge how the Chinese want us to disarm. But more so, how our own liberal counterparts don’t care about what the Constitution says.  So here, I post the Second Amendment in its entirety.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

So-called Liberals don’t believe in liberty because they are, this week, on the warpath about getting rid of people’s rights to own weapons.

But does it not surprise us that the greatest number of the shootings in the last couple of decades involving the deaths of more than three people occur in so-called gun-free zones?  The movie theater in Aurora, CO, Sandy Creek elementary school last week,  Columbine in Colorado…see what I mean?  They go to where they won’t get shot at.  In other words, do we know of any mass shootings going on in police stations?

We had one on a military base, but all of the soldiers’ weapons were in the arms room.

Heck…I’ve posted a long list of incidents at the end of this post.

ImageThing is, gun control laws don’t solve the problem.  In most every situation, the person doing the shooting was crazed and was carrying a gun where they weren’t allowed anyway.  The problem is not the laws, but the people doing the killing.  No gun control law can prevent a person from snapping and going on a killing spree.

These crazies attack and kill because of the real problem – lack of morality, standards, and this belief that the world owes them something.  When someone starts slaughtering people, it’s not because he had access to firearms – the problem began long before the dude picked up a gun.

So, liberals, leave my guns alone.  Just because you can’t read the Constitution doesn’t mean I won’t exercise my Second Amendment rights to protect myself from your tyranny.

It’s all about Freedom.  Live Free or Die.


We at The Rabid Conservative remember…

April 1999 – two teenage schoolboys shot and killed 12 schoolmates and a teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, before killing themselves.

July 1999 – a stock exchange trader in Atlanta, Georgia, killed 12 people including his wife and two children before taking his own life.

September 1999 – a gunman opened fire at a prayer service in Fort Worth, Texas, killing six people before committing suicide.

October 2002 – a series of sniper-style shootings occurred in Washington DC, leaving 10 dead.

August 2003 – in Chicago, a laid-off worker shot and killed six of his former workmates.

November 2004 – in Birchwood, Wisconsin, a hunter killed six other hunters and wounded two others after an argument with them.

March 2005 – a man opened fire at a church service in Brookfield, Wisconsin, killing seven people.

October 2006 – a truck driver killed five schoolgirls and seriously wounded six others in a school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania before taking his own life.

April 2007 – student Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people and wounded 15 others at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, before shooting himself, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the United States after 2000.

August 2007 – Three Delaware State University students were shot and killed in “execution style” by a 28-year-old and two 15-year-old boys. A fourth student was shot and stabbed.

December 2007 – a 20-year-old man killed nine people and injured five others in a shopping center in Omaha, Nebraska.

December 2007 – a woman and her boyfriend shot dead six members of her family on Christmas Eve in Carnation, Washington.

February 2008 – a shooter who is still at large tied up and shot six women at a suburban clothing store in Chicago, leaving five of them dead and the remaining one injured.

February 2008 – a man opened fire in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, killing five students and wounding 16 others before laying down his weapon and surrendering.

September 2008 – a mentally ill man who was released from jail one month earlier shot eight people in Alger, Washington, leaving six of them dead and the rest two wounded.

December 2008 – a man dressed in a Santa Claus suit opened fire at a family Christmas party in Covina, California, then set fire on the house and killed himself. Police later found nine people dead in the debris of the house.

March 2009 – a 28-year-old laid-off worker opened fire while driving a car through several towns in Alabama, killing 10 people.

March 2009 – a heavily armed gunman shot dead eight people, many of them elderly and sick people, in a private-owned nursing home in North Carolina.

March 2009 – six people were shot dead in a high-grade apartment building in Santa Clara, California.

April 2009 – a man shot dead 13 people at a civic center in Binghamton, New York.

July 2009 – Six people, including one student, were shot in a drive-by shooting at a community rally on the campus of Texas Southern University, Houston.

November 2009 – U.S. army psychologist Major Nidal Hasan opened fire at a military base in Fort Hood, Texas, leaving 13 dead and 42 others wounded.

February 2010 – A professor opened fire 50 minutes into at a Biological Sciences Department faculty meeting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, killing three colleagues and wounding three others.

January 2011 – a gunman opened fire at a public gathering outside a grocery in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people including a 9-year-old girl and wounding at least 12 others. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured with a gunshot to the head.

April 2 – A gunman kills seven people and wounds three in a shooting rampage at a Christian college in Oakland.

July 20 – A masked gunman kills 12 people and wounds 58 when he opens fire on moviegoers at a showing of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

Aug. 5 – A gunman kills six people during Sunday services at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, before he is shot dead by a police officer.

Aug. 24 – Two people are killed and eight wounded in a shooting outside the landmark Empire State Building in New York City at the height of the tourist season.

Sept. 27 – A disgruntled former employee kills five people and takes his own life in a shooting rampage at a Minneapolis sign company from which he had been fired.

Oct. 21 – Three people are killed in a Milwaukee area spa including the estranged wife of the suspected gunman, who then killed himself.

Dec. 14 – A shooter opens fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing several people including children

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December 20, 2012 at 3:28 pm

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