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The Conservative Underground: Day 3

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Well folks, the Prop 8 ballyhoo continues with the liberals throwing up demonstrations and in some places, a bit of rioting in San Francisco. In fact, the mayor of SFO has vowed to fight the legality of Prop 8 along with the ACLU and the Equality California crowd, appealing to have the amendment struck down by judicial fiat – the only way that the gays really get anywhere.

This is how liberals react when the law doesn’t play their way. The people voted and the gays are in the minority. Democracy has spoken. I guarantee that if Prop 8 had failed, the gays would have hailed it as a victory for democracy as well as gay rights. It’s not a victory for gay rights, but it is, once again, a victory for democracy. Liberals can’t accept that. They hate democracy when it doesn’t go their way.

So, Melissa Ethridge on her blog yesterday announced that since Prop 8 passed, she feels the state of California no longer considers her a full citizen. Because of that, she has stated that she is no longer going to pay taxes, inciting civil disobedience.

What if all the Christians said, “for every state where civil unions and gays are still legal, we’re not paying taxes”. The left would call us all hatemongers (which of course, they do that anyway). Yet, it’s OK for Ms. Etheridge to break the law now because she doesn’t consider herself a full citizen.

What she doesn’t get (or care to get) is that if you are in this country, as a citizen or as a guest, visitor, even illegal alien, you are subject to the laws and regulations of the United States. Even Green Card holding guest workers, who are not citizens and have no protections as a citizen under the US constitution still have to pay taxes by law.

Well, Ms. Etheridge, go ahead and start your policy on tax evasion and we’ll see just how long it takes before the IRS clamps down on you. (or maybe you want to ask Wesley Snipes if tax evasion is a good idea?)

I guess the point to remember is that no matter how democracy goes, no matter which way the chips fall, the most important thing to understand is that the will of the people must be protected.

It’s OK to disagree, just don’t do it by being disagreeable.

Need a reminder? Have a Coke and watch this commercial from the Super Bowl.

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November 7, 2008 at 12:12 pm

The Conservative Underground: Day 2

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…deep within the liberal-proof bunker…

Well folks, it would seem that the homosexuals and their supporters in California have already begun their new round of legal battles to disembowel Prop 8.

Proposition 8, an amendment to the California Constitution, bans gay marriage. Six months ago, by judicial fiat by the California Supreme Court, law that was passed by voters to restrict marriage to one man and one woman was overturned. So, the people against gay marriage did the only thing left to them to do – amend the constitution to overturn the Supremes decision. Voters spoke out and passed the measure. The supreme law of California has been written and no one can change it.

Leave it to the American Crazy Liberals Union (ACLU) and some homosexual group Equality California to file suit saying the amendment violates the constitution, that a basic right accorded to all Californians is now removed from one particular group, which violates the intents of the constitution, and therefore is unconstitutional.

Where were these lawsuits when Prop 8 was put on the ballot? Where were these lawsuits during the campaign. Instead, we go through the point of suing AFTER it’s passed. (probably done out of the cost of a lawsuit). But that’s not the real issue. Read on.

Jenny Pizer of the Lambda Legal group says, “That’s too big a change in the principles of our constitution to be made just by a bare majority of voters.”

This woman, for all her legal experience, is certifiably out of her mind. What she is saying here is that, “Yeah, the majority won, but that’s not good enough to change the constitution in this matter.”

What’s ridiculous about all this is what we define as the highest law of the land. In this case, the California Constitution. Instead, now the liberals are citing the *intents* of the constitutional framers, intents that are not codified anywhere, except in the actual text of the constitution. Liberals cannot accept what’s actually written, but rather, have to now hide behind this obfuscation of intentions – an obfuscation that can be easily manipulated – which is what the liberals want to do.

(Notwithstanding liberals don’t bother to listen to that argument when it comes to free speech issues)

The issue is, the will of the people does not matter to the extremes of the left wing. These people are crying like a 2-year-old who didn’t get his way. Remember, liberals are relativistic, believing that anything can be changed, including what the majority says. All they need is some judge who is willing to set law from the bench and they are golden.

Liberals believe in democracy, only when it works for them. Yes, Obama won the presidency democratically (and suddenly the electoral college works with liberals), but democracy got hijacked in the passage of Prop 8. The majority is somehow wrong.

In democracy, the MAJORITY RULES no matter how thin that majority is…and it is never wrong. If the people by majority, decreed that a circus bear is a viable candidate for governor, then that’s the law.  To speak against this precept violates everything for which we stand in America.

Relativistic and utterly ridiculous.

I can only see an uproar by the people if the California Supreme Court renders the a constitutional amendment unconstitutional by fiat. In my mind, if a supreme court justice tampers with the constitution in this matter, they themselves should be tried for seditious conspiracy, (USC Title 18 Section 2384) , because the constitution is high law of the land and it is the irrevocable right of the people to amend it any way they want to.

Folks, this is a serious assault of our law if this goes through.


Update: I reviewed my interpretation of Title 18 USC Section 2384 since sedition requires the use of force and such an act has to be committed against the Government of the United States. However, the lesser offense of Rebellion and Insurrection can be applied under Title 18 USC Section 2383, since a justice would be assisting in the rebellion of the authority of the United States by undermining the text of the amended state constitution (which, under the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution is protected by federal law). Since the authority of the United States is provided “by the people” and the people have spoken through democratic process, such an act by a supreme court justice can be construed as an act of rebellion against the people of the State of California, who give the authority for the state.

I just remember some of the text of the old Sedition Act of 1918, which was later repealed by Congress in 1920 out of abuses during World War I.


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November 6, 2008 at 11:02 am

The Conservative Underground: Day 1

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Yeah, OK, we lost last night and the Obama-philes are reveling in their victory. Meanwhile, in the bunker, the Conservative Underground awakens…

Y’all read my letter last night and as gracious as I had hoped to be, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to shut up and dance liberal. Oh, no, my friends, we’ve been on defense before and one thing that life has taught me: the struggle doesn’t end here.

It will only end when Jesus comes back. But until that time, our duty as Christians is to be subject to the higher powers. Since the US requires citizen participation to work, Christians should work to further the cause of Christ by changing the political tides when we can.

But before we do, let me illuminate three key expectations that you will probably see (at the risk of sounding prophetic) in the coming days:

1. We can expect that the liberals will continue to shut us down. Chuck Schumer, just yesterday, noted a desire to return the so-called Fairness Doctrine to the table, equating talk radio “fairness” to that of pornography, in the interest of equality towards private enterprise.

Listen up Chuck, if you are so darned concerned about fairness, then let’s talk about how UN-fair the tax rates are to the affluent. Why is it fair for a person making $250k/year to pay 40% of that in taxes while someone who makes $45k/year to pay 23%?

You’re not interested in fairness. You’re only interested in making things “fair” to suit your own liberal purposes.

Additionally, while Nancy Pelosi talks about creating a true bi-partisan atmosphere, something that she has no intent on doing, just know that any purported Republican or Democrat who sacrifices the most basic of conservative ideals for a seat at the table because that against which we fight. If the Founding Fathers found ways to compromise without sacrificing their ideals, then we should seek the same goal.

2. We can expect that the homosexual liberals in California to file suit to overturn the will of the people with respect to Prop 8. The measure was put on the ballot to give the people the right to allow or disallow gay marriage. The people said no. Unfortunately, the gays won’t accept that answer.

I find it interesting because democracy works when it gets Obama into office, but the majority is wrong and democracy has to be hijacked by judicial fiat when California, Arkansas, and Florida pass measures against same-sex marriage. In other words, the people spoke that they want Obama AND a same-sex marriage ban in California.

BTW – Speaking of which, where are all the people on the left that clamor on about how the Electoral College is a faulty system? They were out in droves in 2000 and 2004.

3. We can expect to see a direct attack on life. Obama has already mentioned he’s wanting to push the Freedom of Choice amendment, which will remove any protections put in place since Roe v. Wade and open the door to more infanticide. And he’s already discussed the issue of bringing embryonic stem cells back to the table, killing more human beings in the interests of science and ignoring all the research and potential for adult stem cells, which do not deprive people of life.

Well, it’s time to turn the lights back on and get to work. My friends, we’re all saddened and sickened by what transpired last night; this is not the result that we wanted to see. But now’s the time we get on defense and do what the government refuses to do: protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – in that exact order.

If we as conservatives are going to rise again, we have to have a message that reverberates with the heart of Americans. I believe we can do this, if we really believe it important enough to do.

Our time will come again. Our message is timeless. Our God is eternal and sovereign. And we will triumph at the end of all things, regardless of what the forces of Satan may push our way.

It’s not over, my friends. It begins anew….right now.

To my friends


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 5, 2008 at 9:19 am

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