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War on Women – It’s a Fluke

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This whole Sandra Fluke shows me just how absurd this entire so-called ‘War on Women’ nonsense is.

1. Sandra Fluke gripes and complains that her college’s health plan doesn’t give her access to free contraceptives. She goes before Congress to gripe about it. Rush Limbaugh calls her out on his radio program as a slut and prostitute – since she wants free birth control. Obama calls her up to console her for Rush’s “mean spirited” slander. And suddenly, she gets her 30 days of fame and becomes the new face of the farcical “war on women”.

My wife said to me today that some birth control meds are also prescribed for hormonal imbalance. Okay, I can buy that – but then, it’s no longer a “birth control” medication, but a hormonal regulator. I take an anti-depressant to keep my blood pressure in check, not unusual. And the way I see it, the Church shouldn’t have any problem with it, since the person taking it would be abstinent, but using the pills for another purpose – an off-label use.

Now, so long as the insurance company would pay for an off-label use of birth control pills to control hormones…

Ms. Fluke’s comment’s are just part of the chorus that proves the point that immorality comes with a high price. She wants that price to come down to allow immorality to have a lower cost – that’s what this is about. Whether she personally benefits from this or not is not my concern – I’m not interested in her personal life, so I won’t call her a “slut” or “prostitute”. But I will say that I don’t buy the lie about how Georgetown, a Jesuit university, should spring for her birth control, just because she can’t afford it.

Hold on…let’s unpack this point. According to Georgetown’s own site, tuition at the Law Center is $46,865, not including fees and books. So this girl can go to Georgetown, after attending and graduating from Cornell in 2003, yet she doesn’t have the money for birth control?

Yeah, right folks, this isn’t about helping ‘a poor underprivileged person in need of medication’. This is about advancing the social left’s immoral agenda. She went to Georgetown to further an agenda.

2. This whole thing about so-called “reproductive rights” is a nonsenical farce wrapped up in syntactical absurdity. No one anywhere is telling women they don’t have the right to reproduce (although there are some we wish wouldn’t). But there is no one stopping them from reproducing.

Oh, but it’s not about reproduction is it? It’s about PREVENTING reproduction. So rather than calling it reproductive rights, how about we call it the right to have sex-without-consequences? That is, after all, what the whole thing is about – unless pregnancy is some sort of virus that needs to be eradicated through medication.

But, at the risk of straw man, if pregnancy were a disease to be prevented, then, like AIDS, the best prevention is abstinence. Of course, the social lib-crats don’t want to hear that.

A Personal Statement for Ms. Fluke
Sandy, just so you know, the Democrats will treat you just like a prostitute. They will use you and, after they have had their way with your life, throw you to the side like last week’s news – because you are not important to them in the long run. You’re just another pawn in the Democrats bid to try to get moral high ground on an issue that they have been losing for decades – an issue that contributes to the death of millions of unborn children.

But if that make you feel good and sleep at night, then by all means – go ahead and jump right into that meat grinder.

I’m just sayin’…

Stay rabid my friends.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Read First, Then Criticize

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Today, I got a piece of mail advertising this really cool opportunity to take a vacation (and God knows I would certainly enjoy one, that’s for sure).  Basically it’s a 5 day, 4 night trip with cruise in Florida, a stop over in the Bahamas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando, expenses paid.  Hotel, cruise, entertainment, food, the works with the “Extended Stay” package of $1,300.

And then, after getting to the end of the little booklet, I asked myself, “what’s this free thing going to cost me?”  Perhaps I should read the fine print and then criticize.  And then I found the catch:

…and in return, requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of independent vacation ownership resorts…”

Does anyone remember that episode from South Park where the parents of the kids went to Aspen for a free ski trip, only to get railroaded into sitting through presentation after presentation about buying a timeshare?  In the end, the parents all forked over the cash, since they were being held there at gunpoint by the sales people and the police.

Well, I guess I don’t get my beach/cruise vacation, at least one for free to central Florida.  No worries.  I would rather go to St. Croix.

But that timeshare idiocy is kinda like what’s been going on in the political world.

First, we started off with the massive Stimulus Bill that was chocked full with so much pork-barrel spending that it prompted Rush Limbaugh to name it the “Porkulus” bill.  The bill was pretty heavy duty, better than 1,000 pages long, and, as reported by US News and World Report, comes to a hefty $3.3 trillion.  No one but fiscal conservatives actually read that one, and by the time the we had read through it, it was law and we were on the hook for $3.3 trillion (which, by the way, was an immediate 60% increase to the National Debt.

Then came the ObamaCare package, which has been basically force fed on the American public, as if it weren’t passed in the next 72 hours, grandma would die from lack of health care, the sky would fall, and the events portrayed in the movie 2012 would most certainly occur.  That bill came in at well over 2,000 pages, but rather than even giving the American public 72 hours to read it (like my so-called free vacation and cruise voucher), the bill was crammed through Congress, just so we could see what was in it, as Nancy Lolla-Pelousi suggested we do.  That one is going to come in at over $1 trillion, even though the D-crats said it wouldn’t.  Of course, the Congressional Budget Office didn’t get any time to read it, much less the “five days” that it would sit on Obama’s desk before signature.  We didn’t have any time to read that.

Now, we’re hearing about how Eric “The Tool” Holder and Janet “Big…uhh…Sis” Napolitano, as well as the rest of ObamAd, inc absolutely detest the new Arizona immigration law, but yet, admit they never read the law, despite it is, but a measly ten pages. 

So let me get this straight…the #1 attorney in the nation and the Homeland Security Secretary have never read one of the most riveting laws regarding immigration in recent memory, but yet, they play for the same team that expect that the country to swallow $4.3 trillion in legislation without even giving it a cursory once over, only to cry foul when we actually DO read the bill and vocally criticize it.

I’m somewhat disturbed over the comments of Sens. Kyl and Cornyn that they are going to take the filibuster off of the table with regards to the Elena Kagan SCOTUS appointment.  Part of me thinks this is good because filibustering judicial nominees is something that D-crats do when they don’t want to give an up or down vote. 

But, rather than go through her appointment, credentials, anything, we should just say no to Kagan because, flatly, “We don’t like you.”.  No reading, just a flat denial.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Oh look, here’s another flyer for two complimentary air tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. if I would only call this toll-free number and verify my name and identity. 

Yeah, whatever.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 17, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Pelosi: I Don’t Care If You Want It or Not

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Once again, Pelosi shows us her hand and tells us how much she doesn’t really care about the will of the American people.  According to Rasumussen, 56% of Americans today don’t want the Democrat idea of health reform.

But Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about what Americans say, as this article shows.

Previous to this post, I talked about the sham of a publicity stunt by Democrats about how they are reaching across to Republicans to get health reform done, asking GOP members that, if they offered any good ideas, they would listen to them.  Obama said it this last week, Pelosi this week.  And the GOP has constantly provided ideas, but the Dems have automatically wrote them off, even before consideration.  It’s pretty easy to say that the GOP has no good ideas to consider when they get dropped before any consideration.

But the point here is, once again, to note that Nancy Pelosi does not care about what the American public wants or doesn’t want.  Instead, she is only concerned with ramming some sort of Progressive bill through and making the public pay for it.

That bag has got to go.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 28, 2010 at 8:00 am

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Health Care Summit – More of the Same

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Obama has no intention of actually listening to what the GOP is saying because the GOP has already been saying it – and he’s been ignoring it.

I’ve been listening to this debate regarding the re-address of the health care reform effort and I can’t really say that I’m surprised by the whole thing.  It’s really a big partisan fight, when you get down to the brass tacks.  And despite Obama’s efforts to demonstrate a change to the way things are done in Washington, he’s only showing that nothing ever changes.  This is the latest example.

Obama decides to call both parties into the room in a make-shift summit to discuss the health care reform – which is admirable.  But then, today, he announces the Obama plan, which is really nothing more than the Senate’s plan with a few tweaks here and there. In a sense, it’s "more of the same", the very thing that got the Dems into the pot of water that continues to get hotter and hotter.

So rather than actually starting a meaningful round-table about how to make health care even better in this country, Obama and the Dems want to dictate to the GOP members in the room what the plan will be.  Obama has no intention of actually listening to what the GOP is saying because the GOP has already been saying it – and he’s been ignoring it.  The whole point here is to break the partisan bloc and gain some sort of validation for the plan that more than half of Americans simply don’t want.

If there is to be any real reform, it should be started by thoroughly going over what the problems really are.  After the problems have been identified, then we look at ways of solving each problem, piece by piece.  Both the House and Senate, and now Obama’s plans have been a solution in search of a matching problem.  This is not an over-simplification of the matter – it’s the common sense answer to the solution to any problem.

And as conservatives have noted before, the problem that the Dems are attempting to solve isn’t about ensuring that all Americans get health care, since not all of them do under either the Senate or House plans, but rather, the problem is how to push the country to Single Payer coverage.  Progressives are all about growing government and using that power to influence people to the progressive will.  A government run single-payer system forces the people to comply with the government’s mandate, which would be, optimally, pushed by the progressive agenda, rather than allowing people to make their own decisions about their source of health insurance.

If I was the chair of the GOP, I’d tell President Obama that no GOP member is going to this summit until there is a solid promise of starting over, from scratch, with an assessment of what the problems are.

Oh, and make sure all of that is televised on C-SPAN – like Obama promised.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 22, 2010 at 5:36 pm

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Obama Gets One Thing Right – So Far

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Don’t get me wrong and don’t start tazing me until you read what I say here – wondering how many people have come to the realization already ahead of me.  Whatever if they do – I’m writing it anyway, in my own unique idiom.

Or I’ll just blame it on my antiquated computer.  Seems to be the going excuse this week.

  • Action: Obama goes to Copenhagen to pitch for the Chicago bid for the Games.  Outcome: Chicago gets eliminated handily in the first round.  Obama Fail Score – 1
  • Action: Obama gets on the stump for the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races.  Outcome: Seats held by Democrats flip to the GOP.  Obama Fail Score – 3  (one for each)
  • Action: Obama goes back to Copenhagen to vehemently speak for unity on Climate Change.  Outcome: The so-called Copenhagen Accords fall dismally short of desired goals.  China stonewalls the talks, makes Obama look like a jerk, the US like idiots, and the greens lap it up as more anti-American fodder.  Obama Fail Score – 5 (that gaffe was so bad, it made Baghdad Bob look credible)

So now, the next big PR flop-portunity comes to bear – the Massachusetts senatorial special election and while Scott Brown has already urged Obama to stay away from the Bay State, it would seem that Obama has actually learned something – if you don’t want to come away with egg on your face, yet again, do yourself and your party candidate a favor – don’t show up.  He hasn’t showed up in Massachusetts.

He’s still too busy with all of those closed-room debates on the health deform bill, which were supposed to be broadcast on C-SPAN.  Obama Fail Score – 6 (or is it 13, since he promised it, what, eight times?)

Either way, with more than 50% of Americans ready to chuck an egg at the Amateur-in-Chief, it would seem he’s learnt a little something.   But I can’t wait for him to go back into campaign mode later this summer.  I still have six eggs in this carton yet to toss.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 15, 2010 at 2:26 am

Democrat Mass-Manipulation

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Massachusetts has been a hot bed of manipulation as of late.

In 2004, Ted Kennedy, for partisan reasons, orchestrated a change in the law to change the replacement process from a gubernatorial appointment to a special election.  At the time, John “Lurch” Kerry was running for President (with his three purple hearts) and Kennedy didn’t want the then-Governor Mitt Romney to exercise his power and appoint a Republican to the seat.  So, at the behest of the Swimmer of Chappaquiddick, the law was amended and Mitt Romney could not appoint a fill in senator to fill Lurch’s seat.  Kerry lost but at least the seat was safe, had Lurch pulled it off.

Last year, the Swimmer became gravely ill from brain cancer, and, seeing his own “MENE MENE TEKEL PERES” as he inched closer to the veil, prompted the legislature to change the rule back to a gubernatorial appointment, since the office is now occupied by a Democrat – at least temporarily until the special election happened.  This would prevent the Dems from losing their 60-vote bloc and the subsequent derailing of the health debate.

The thing is, the legacy of Ted Kennedy here is irrelevant.  With all due respect, the man is dead and if he wasn’t saved by the blood of Christ, he’s in hell, burning.  Meanwhile, what is important is not whether the folks In Massachusetts preserve Kennedy’s wish to see the Health Deform bill go through, but to do what the people in Massachusetts want.  But there seems to be this overwhelming push about what Kennedy “would have wanted”.  I say, “so what?”.  Let the people decide.

But the Democrats don’t care so much about what the people say.  As we know, this health debate is all about pushing a piece-of-junk pile of horse dung through and onto the American people.  Despite the majority of Americans that don’t want this bill, the Dems are willing to shovel it onto us anyway.

So with the special election coming up, there’s talk that the GOP candidate may just pull this off and take the seat back to the right side of the aisle.  This would put a hex on the entire debate, since Scott Brown has already pledged to fight the bill if he is able to do so.  This is a huge threat to Democrats as his one vote could cause the debate to come apart.

To prevent that from happening, the Dems are willing to stall Brown’s swearing-in appointment until long after the State of the Union address, where Obama will be able to tout this as a victory for Americans (actually, it’s just for Progressives – Americans lose big if this passes).

What’s funny is that the Dems couldn’t get Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell) to the US House fast enough.  Two days after the special election, Tsongas was sworn in my Pelosi in order to help overthrow President Bush’s veto of expansion of the SCHIP program, back in October 2007.

But now, the Democrats are willing to hold up the senatorial swear-in of Scott Brown until after the Health Deform is done and passed, to prevent the debate from getting derailed if they lose their 60-vote filibuster-proof majority.  I sure as heck can guarantee you, if Martha Coakley wins the election, they will whisk her off to Washington, tout de suite and put her on the party line.

What does this mean?  Well it means that the Democrats care very little about the will of the people of Massachusetts, so long as it achieves their objectives.  They follow the drumbeat of the Democrat machine, pushed by the very liberal progressive agenda.  Massachusetts has already shown that the people don’t want the bill, but that won’t stop John “Lurch” Kerry from voting for it. 

I leave you with this very poignant quote from Bob Hope.

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January 9, 2010 at 8:47 pm

Health Deform Passes and the Senate Rules Change…Quietly

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Well, the health deform passed the Senate this morning after a long fight with Senators who demonstrated this Reagan principle:

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. – Ronald Reagan

So with sellouts like Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Chris Dodd of Connecticut, and others who scored windfalls for their states by demonstrating they can be bought off like the political whores that they are, proved Reagan right once again. 

The House and Senate, once again, have disregarded the will of the American people in passing this bill.  Many states polled showed majority opinion against the bill, yet the senators and representatives from those states voted for it with extreme arrogance.  And I look forward to the legal fight when Obama signs it into law and within seconds after, the federal courts get slammed with suit after suit, questioning the bills constitutionality. 

Basically, the Senate language is the first big step towards a single-payer system, completely socialistic and in violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 14th Amendments.

But did you see this little “gem”?

Turns out, Senator Jim DeMint, R-SC, noted that, with the passage of the bill, there as a Senate rule change that stated, with regards to the Independent Medicare Advisory Board:

"it shall not be in order in the senate or the house of representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection."

So basically, the “Death Panels” as Governor Palin has named them, not only are a pencil-whip away from being law, but to bring legislation up that would repeal them would be “out of order”, according to Senate rules, requiring a 2/3 vote in the Senate to change the rules.  Of course, this rule change is in violation to the Senate’s own rules of requiring a 2/3 vote to change the rules, but it also can very well be construed as unconstitutional.  The same goes for the House.  Of course, what good are rules if the House and Senate can break them whenever they want.

You see, no law is unrepealable.  If you recall, even a law set in motion by the Constitution can be repealed, as we saw with prohibition, which was enacted by the 18th Amendment and later repealed by the 21st Amendment.

So no matter how much that moron Harry Reid likes to think he can put down a law that no one can move, it can be moved.  But such a provision even putting this in shows the utter arrogance and lack of concern in this standing congress.  They simply don’t believe in representing the American people anymore, but rather, pushing the “agenda”.  I’m thinking we’ve quietly moved from a constitutional republic to a oligarchial democracy, where the majority of congressional elites make the rules and the American public is wholly ignored, except when these elites come to prostitute themselves for your election vote.

So America not only gets a lump of coal in her stocking with this idiotic piece of dung legislation but the stocking now has a stain that will take a whole bunch of Americans, scrubbing, before it comes out.

I really wonder what the Founders would think of this.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 24, 2009 at 2:38 pm

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