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AOL-HuffPo – Fail

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That one wasn’t that hard to call, folks.

Back in February, I wrote about this and I wasn’t alone in my opinion that the merger between HuffPoo (send ‘o’ intentional) and AOL would be the undoing of both organizations.  The SF Chronicle article goes into it with much more insider detail, but the way I saw it, AOL was hoping to get more energy back with the inclusion of HuffPoo’s traffic.  However, Arianna was more hoping that AOL would just get gobbled up into her liberal empire.  Mergers rarely come out even and Huffington’s go-go boots are walking all over AOL.

Reading the comments below this article, it’s interesting that its going both ways.

Oh well. 

I’m bored, again.  It’s that feeling that comes from mentioning Arianna Huffington.

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June 6, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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AOL’s Newest Folly and Olbermann’s Meaningless Gig

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Well, this week has seen some pretty hair-brained things with respect to how the liberal media is working to continue to position itself to spout more of its nonsense in the world.  When you get a two-fer of these things, you just gotta blog it – because it’s much like watching dirty water go down a drain.

Back in my early days of internet access, I used to use America Online.  But over time, as AOL started instituting stupid rules and it began to be less and less interesting – I got a local dialup ISP and never looked back.  Since that time, AOL has gone to the dogs – that was over fifteen years ago.

Well, now it’s gone to the Ariannas.

Specifically, I’m going on about AO-Hell buying up the Huffington Post (aka the Huff and Puff news) for $315 million.  And from that acquisition, Arianna will lead the Huffington Post Media Group which will be merging HuffPo with AOL’s content.

"I want to stay forever," Huffington told analysts on a conference call. "I want this to be my last act.

Like they ever had any of relevance.  But then, I’m really wondering here – who is really getting gypped here? 

By joining up with AOL, it may very well be your last act, Arianna.  But hey, an ultra-lib faux-news site bonding with a washed up internet company – maybe Arianna will do the next "You’ve Got Mail" in her scratchy Greek voice.  That should get the liberals raving.  More like, "You’ve Got Liberal Hate-Speech!"

One other move that I just thought was choice was Keith Olbermann’s move to the Al Gore channel.  Essentially the former Mr. (p)MSNBC, still whining and grumbling because NBC wouldn’t pay him what he thought he was worth, has gone off to Current TV?

Does anyone here even know who Current TV is?   Does anyone really care? 

Wow.  I wonder if that place where Current TV is and where Huff-AOL-Puff is going is like the esoteric elephant grave yard or something – a place where dumbkopfen liberal ideas go to die.

Oh well – *yawn*.  I’m bored now.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 8, 2011 at 6:08 pm

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