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How Things Are Really Done in Washington

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Well, sometimes I think Saturday Night Live is a lot more fair and balanced than the news is. In any case, it doesn’t get much clearer than this:

I didn’t have time to read myself! Wow! Okay, well go big or go home, huh?


Hat Tip: Saturday Night Live

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November 24, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Obama Breaks Oath of Office: Violates Law by Executive Order

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I have been very reluctant to discuss matters of impeachment on The Rabid Conservative since the entire Tea Party and the Right Wing has been dogging Obama (myself included) since he got into office in 2009. But I’ve kept back from the I-word because it’s just part of the droning downbeat from the Right. But last night, Obama did announce he was going to not follow immigration policy. Not enforcing the law is a violation of the law.

We have all sat back and waited as he announced, in the face of a demolishing defeat in the mid-term elections, that Obama would, by executive order, grant amnesty to people in the country illegally.  Regardless of what people want to call them, the point is, the law does not allow for these people to be in the country. 

Mr. Obama has acknowledged around twenty times that what he was doing without Congress was not right. That didn’t stop him last night though.

Did I mention that these people are in the country illegally? Their first act in the US was to violate federal immigration law. And they KNOW they are in the wrong because many of them live in America in secret. Why? Because they know they are not supposed to be here.

In fact, here is Jay Carney, his OWN former White House Press Secretary, indicating that what Obama is doing is what he said was unconstitutional. And although Carney is trying to defend him, even Anderson Cooper isn’t buying that he is only telling law enforcement that they can “exercise discretion”.


Obama Doing Exactly What He Once Said is Unconstitutional

Now, the liberals and the very racist support group La Raza is saying that Obama is operating within his legal limits. But is he? He was given a specific responsibility to uphold the laws of the United States, that “’he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”. By executive order, he has elected to not enforce immigration policy. This is very similar to the use of Signing Statements, which the last few presidents have used to not enforce parts of the law that the President felt were unconstitutional (like the President has the right to declare laws unconstitutional – this is a power reserved for the Supreme Court).

This is not unusual to Democrats. During the years of George W. Bush’s second term, Representatives Conyers, Kucinich, and Wexler pushed legislation to impeach President Bush on 35 charges, one of which was the unilateral use of Signing Statements.

We all knew this was coming folks. Last night, he stepped over the line and it’s time to remove Barack Obama from office. He clearly does not respect the constitutional authority of Congress and is clearly frustrated at the fact that they are not sending a bill to him that he would like to sign.

I’m pretty sure isn’t much of a stretch to draw up articles of impeachment for Obama – although the entire process of impeachment has become a fad. Ever since Clinton got impeached for lying to a Grand Jury over Zippergate, the Democrats have been aching for some payback.  I would say, it’s time to impeach this Democrat too.

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November 21, 2014 at 7:54 pm

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The President of Inaction

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Obama’s tepid approach these days shows a man disinterested in his job for which he’s being paid. I think he feels his job description should include the title of “rockstar”. I’m beginning to think that Obama could care less about his role as president.

Obama-Arrogant-SneerWe sat back and watched him do very little with respect to responding to all the scandals that have come down his way. Benghazi, still no real investigation of what happened there. Bergdahl, in the rearview, out of sight, out of mind. IRS scandals, bah, let Koskinen handle it. Obama’s got very little to do with any of this, except spend time playing golf.

Then there’s Obama’s reactions and responses to Vlad Putin’s actions in Ukraine. This has been such a dismal lack of real leadership. We all know that Russia’s stirring up the unrest in Ukraine – and yet, we’re just taking Putin’s word for it.

And there’s the current flareup in Gaza. Obama probably thinks it’s all Israel’s fault and they should just give up, have all the Jews gassed, and let the Palestinians come in so ISIS can check the block on their whole “world domination” theory. However, even Obama is missing the point on this one – if Hamas stops the rockets, Israel would leave Gaza alone. But that’s not good enough for Hamas. And Obama, in showing lack of support for our “ally” treats them no better than the “adversary”.

And with respect to ISIS, where are we with that? Obama sat back and with 300 military advisers and maybe a few drones here and there (oh, those are popular now?). So instead of US aid, where we have only been working Iraq as our pet politi-forming project for over a decade, in comes Iran. Wow. That’s a switch.

Back home, Obama couldn’t be troubled from all his fundraising activities for Udall in Colorado (which Udall didn’t show up for, by the way – totally funny). He’s been jet-setting all over the country for photo opportunities while his latest sock puppet, Josh Earnest answers any questions we might have.

No, while we have people into the tens of thousands streaming across the border, he couldn’t be bothered to go to the border himself, since he said it would just be a “photo op”, yet he posed for a pic with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, since Hick is facing getting his own clock cleaned soon.

And with the recent downing of Malayian Air Flight 17 in Ukraine yesterday with 23 Americans on board, Obama couldn’t be troubled to leave a fundraiser event in New York to return to the White House with nothing more than “it looks like a terrible tragedy”. He seemed to be more concerned about Bowe Bergdahl, who could still face charges for desertion (and who is happening to get a new posting back in the Army) than 23 innocents.

And back to the fundraising.

I’m really thinking Obama has no desire to be the President anymore. I think he’s really tired…really tired of being beaten up by the GOP and the Tea Party, even his own party. I think he laments having only a 41% approval rating, which continues to fall. I think he would rather be out playing with the Hollywood elite and standing for photo ops with fellow Democrats than go see the tragedy at the border. He doesn’t have the machismo to go toe-to-toe with Putin.

No, he wants to go out and soak up the love from the Obamadrones that are still out there going “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm”, play community organizer, and cap it all off with a round of golf.

It’s real sad, really. Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. And with his attitude, he’s showing it though his lack of real leadership in any thing.

To my friends.

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July 18, 2014 at 9:17 am

Judge Rules – US Border Fence “Racist”

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If you’re like me (a thinking American with a good sense of true American values), you would be seriously saddened by the lack of concern that our President continues to show with regards to the US border. I am so sick of hearing how it’s “discriminatory” and “racist” whenever we talk about securing the border.

Well, now Barry is trying to talk all tough, telling the Mexican president that they “won’t be able to stay”, even though we’re finding out that most of these people aren’t actually from Mexico – they’re from Latin America countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Interestingly, though, Mexico has some pretty anti-illegal immigration laws, which should have prevented people non-Mexican Hispanics from entering Mexico, just so they could sneak into America. But it’s pretty obvious that there is no real interest by Mexico in preventing this problem.

Beryl Howell – Stupid, ugly, biased and liberal – all the makings of an Obama pet judge.

Back in March, an Obama-appointed judge Beryl Howell, made the audacious ruling that the US border fence was “racist”. She wrote in her decision, that it might “disparate impact on lower-income minority communities.”

In other words, she agrees with University of Texas professor Denise Gilman to get the names of the landowners on whose property the border fence would be erected.  But how does a fence discriminate against our landowners – unless that’s not who these women are trying to prevent the discrimination.

It’s all very simple. They don’t want a border fence going up. The discrimination thing is all a nonsensical ruse. The fence keeps out non-Americans.

I guess Howell wants to get out of all the flak she gets for conflicts of interest stemming from her rulings regarding P2P sharing, given her wide background as a RIAA lobbyist.

We’re not gonna be stopped by your racist fence, gringos. We have rights!

Obama is so weak on all of this. His position on Iraq to send in 300 “advisers” to help the Iraqis fight against ISIS that’s threatening to take over the country and now, he is “encouraging” the Mexican president to stop the stream of illegals coming through Mexico into America. Why would he do that? Very simple – because he doesn’t want to suffer the political back-lash that would ensue from building the border fence. The only reason he’s saying, “they can’t stay” is the amount of pressure being put on him from the, now very overworked Border Patrol – who can’t look after the border, since they are playing caretaker for the thousands of people, mostly kids and pregnant mothers who hope to have their anchor-baby in America.


Now some readers may think me heartless – that we should treat these people as refugees from hostile countries. It’s sad that women are basically being raped and slashed within all the gang violence in places like Honduras, so they come up here to escape it. But the thing is, these people abandon their home country, rather than doing something about it.

Same problem in Iraq, by the way.

Until the people in these hostile countries get so fed up with their corrupt governments that they take the initiative and secure their own blessings of liberty, they will never know it for themselves. They will only seek to steal ours (because they are overwhelmingly not interested in becoming Americans outright).

Otherwise, they would come here legally and not under the guise of asylum. I have a few friends that came to the US from somewhere else – but they did it according to the rules. They didn’t find loopholes or try to work the system. And they are on their way to Americanizing, which, to me, is a fundamental question in all of this.

In the last six months, around 120,ooo people violated our border and entered this country illegally –  many just walk up and surrender, knowing that they won’t be sent back home for some time. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed.

I think it’s time to militarize the border. Use the Coast Guard for waterways and put the National Guard down there. And incorporate the Border Patrol as part of the Department of Defense, because they have to defend the border from the thousands of people who are being allowed to invade.

To my friends…


A special shout out to Mr. Alfonzo Rachel (it’s ray’-chel, people) and his very cool band, 20lb. SLEDGE. It’s great to hear some positive music with a powerful sound. Zo was on PolitiBunny’s (@politibunny) show last night and had some really good words that got a few *wow* comments from the chatroll. Keep on playing, guys! 

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June 20, 2014 at 11:54 am

Roll Tide Tells Illegals Roll Out

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‘Bama signs the most aggressive anti-illegal law to the books to date.

I’ve always liked the State of Alabama.  I have friends that hail from there.  They have awesome football programs.  I did my first parachute jump in Alabama.  And today, Governor Robert Bentley signed the most aggressive law regarding illegal immigration in the nation.  Roll Tide, ‘Bama!

The law basically states that the police are required to verify the citizenship status of anyone they feel is in the country illegally and makes it a criminal offense to provide transport or housing to any illegal immigrant. The state will also be checking the citizenship of students and penalize any business that knowingly hires an illegal alien.

In other words, like Arizona and Georgia, they are proclaiming that the state level to follow what is already codified in federal law.

For liberals, we’re expected to follow the law when the law is written to favor them.  However, the laws are not written to allow people to just walk through into the country unabated.  People are supposed to have documentation to be here legally.  After all, Mexico has the harshest immigration laws on the North American continent, yet have the audacity to throw rocks at the US for even suggesting we enforce immigration control to the US. You can read more on the Mexican hypocrisy here.

What’s funny about what’s in articles reporting the good news about Alabama is the fact that we hear language like, “Immigration rights advocates…”.  I get so flippin’ tired of hearing how people who are in this country illegally are supposed to be afforded the same rights as those of us who are here legally, whether by birth or by naturalization.  Yet we’re supposed to just roll over and welcome them here because their country of origin sucks worse than a swarm of hungry mosquitos.  Illegal foreigners have no rights afforded to them by the US Constitution.  They are not citizens.

The way I see it, Mexicans in the US illegally should be handled the same way as Mexico handles Americans in Mexico illegally.  Would any silly liberal care to challenge me on this point?

Good work, Alabama.  Keep up the fight.  The less desirable for illegals to be here, the less they will come.

Finally, a word from Magnus on the subject:

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June 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm

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Read First, Then Criticize

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Today, I got a piece of mail advertising this really cool opportunity to take a vacation (and God knows I would certainly enjoy one, that’s for sure).  Basically it’s a 5 day, 4 night trip with cruise in Florida, a stop over in the Bahamas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando, expenses paid.  Hotel, cruise, entertainment, food, the works with the “Extended Stay” package of $1,300.

And then, after getting to the end of the little booklet, I asked myself, “what’s this free thing going to cost me?”  Perhaps I should read the fine print and then criticize.  And then I found the catch:

…and in return, requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of independent vacation ownership resorts…”

Does anyone remember that episode from South Park where the parents of the kids went to Aspen for a free ski trip, only to get railroaded into sitting through presentation after presentation about buying a timeshare?  In the end, the parents all forked over the cash, since they were being held there at gunpoint by the sales people and the police.

Well, I guess I don’t get my beach/cruise vacation, at least one for free to central Florida.  No worries.  I would rather go to St. Croix.

But that timeshare idiocy is kinda like what’s been going on in the political world.

First, we started off with the massive Stimulus Bill that was chocked full with so much pork-barrel spending that it prompted Rush Limbaugh to name it the “Porkulus” bill.  The bill was pretty heavy duty, better than 1,000 pages long, and, as reported by US News and World Report, comes to a hefty $3.3 trillion.  No one but fiscal conservatives actually read that one, and by the time the we had read through it, it was law and we were on the hook for $3.3 trillion (which, by the way, was an immediate 60% increase to the National Debt.

Then came the ObamaCare package, which has been basically force fed on the American public, as if it weren’t passed in the next 72 hours, grandma would die from lack of health care, the sky would fall, and the events portrayed in the movie 2012 would most certainly occur.  That bill came in at well over 2,000 pages, but rather than even giving the American public 72 hours to read it (like my so-called free vacation and cruise voucher), the bill was crammed through Congress, just so we could see what was in it, as Nancy Lolla-Pelousi suggested we do.  That one is going to come in at over $1 trillion, even though the D-crats said it wouldn’t.  Of course, the Congressional Budget Office didn’t get any time to read it, much less the “five days” that it would sit on Obama’s desk before signature.  We didn’t have any time to read that.

Now, we’re hearing about how Eric “The Tool” Holder and Janet “Big…uhh…Sis” Napolitano, as well as the rest of ObamAd, inc absolutely detest the new Arizona immigration law, but yet, admit they never read the law, despite it is, but a measly ten pages. 

So let me get this straight…the #1 attorney in the nation and the Homeland Security Secretary have never read one of the most riveting laws regarding immigration in recent memory, but yet, they play for the same team that expect that the country to swallow $4.3 trillion in legislation without even giving it a cursory once over, only to cry foul when we actually DO read the bill and vocally criticize it.

I’m somewhat disturbed over the comments of Sens. Kyl and Cornyn that they are going to take the filibuster off of the table with regards to the Elena Kagan SCOTUS appointment.  Part of me thinks this is good because filibustering judicial nominees is something that D-crats do when they don’t want to give an up or down vote. 

But, rather than go through her appointment, credentials, anything, we should just say no to Kagan because, flatly, “We don’t like you.”.  No reading, just a flat denial.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Oh look, here’s another flyer for two complimentary air tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. if I would only call this toll-free number and verify my name and identity. 

Yeah, whatever.

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May 17, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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