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In Short: Big Macs and Breast Implants Save Lives

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Once in a while, I see things in tie news that just make me wonder if the neutrinos are spinning the opposite way or something.  In any case, these two stories came out pretty close together, which leads me to believe something is weird in the universe.

  1. So we’ve all been told about the dangers of eating fast food and how bad it is for us.  Personally, the way I see it, moderation is the key to a healthy diet.  As long as a person isn’t slamming the stuff every day for lunch, I would say eating a Big Mac isn’t going to be as lethal as the health nuts like to tell us.But we found that Big Macs can save lives now.  Take this 45 year old Arizona resident who scaled a radio tower in downtown LA, stripped off all his clothes and demanded hamburgers from McDonalds.  The cops complied and got the guy some food.  While that was quite a stunt, just to get some Mickey D’s, I guess if he didn’t get his Big Mac, he’d be “special sauce” on the pavement below.Was that a little over-the-top?  Well, perhaps it was, given that he was on a tall radio tower.

  2. I’m not sure what the obsession is for women to get massive breast implants.  I can see it for women who have had mastectomies or something, or maybe for the gal who needs a few more digits in her va-voom.  But when women like Sheyla Hershey decide that too much is never enough and go up to…oh…say a 38KKK, well, that’s pretty crazy.But, when she was driving to pick up her hubby after a Super Bowl party, Ms. Hershey wrapped her car around a tree.  The airbags didn’t deploy, however, the silicone implants cushioned her from nosing into the steering wheel.She was on some heavy meds at the time of the crash, so she could find herself being charged with a DUI.  But for now, the record-holding Hershey gets to live another day – perhaps to try and break her own record.  Hopefully she doesn’t start influencing the tides or something.

My guess, though, is an augmented woman with a Big Mac, though, could be very dangerous – so I recommend caution, at least until the neutrinos change direction. 😉

Stay rabid, my friends.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 12, 2012 at 8:10 pm

In Short – Failure is not an Option

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Hello everyone –

Victor Davis Hansen wrote a brilliant article over an National Review. He’s captured something that has been plaguing our society for quite a while – this insistence that no one need fail anymore.

Read: Failure is Not an Option

We have this belief today that, if people fail, that it’s bad. We stopped keeping score with kids games so they can all feel like winners – rather than teaching them the principles of Vince Lombardi’s speech What it Takes to be Number One. In short, we are emasculating ourselves because we can no longer stand to feel the pain of losing, even if it encourages us to do better next time.

The other day, my kid got her very first “F”. She was distraught over it, but she came to understand that failure is not something bad – it’s something that teaches you of what NOT to do or what doesn’t work. We need success to validate and reward, but we need failure to teach.

I teach classes where students can fail if they don’t do their homework. I am easy in some regards, but if they don’t try, they fail.  Today, though, I’m in the minority of instructors, who want that positive rating, rather than really teach students.

Well, I’m keeping this short. Read and shoot me a comment or reply (remember, be respectful).


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 22, 2008 at 10:20 pm

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