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Seventeen Governors – Could It Be True?

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So, I finished up on my vacation, a restful and fun few days to be sure – and the subject of a post later this week.

But for the moment, I wanted to share something that caught my eye that was just too intriguing to ignore.

Question: What do the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming have in common?

Answer: They all elected Republican governors in 2010.  States that are pretty staunch blue states, like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, battleground states like Ohio and Florida, seventeen in all.

However, that’s not what is most interesting here.  Turns out that these states have all seen decreases in their statewide unemployment rates.  All of them.  Now I wouldn’t take the bait on a few states (unless it was something significant), or even a handful, but we’re talking a third of the entire Union has seen a drop in the unemployment rate, and on average, far faster than the national average.

The lowest of these states was Maine with just a 0.6% increase, from 8.0% to 7.4%.  The greatest of these is my home state of Michigan where the decrease was from 10.9% to 8.5% – a 2.4% drop.

Before I let any jubilation get the best of me, the pessimist inside me urged caution.  Now, I had to dig a little more to see what was actually happening.  Not that I don’t welcome news like this, but sometimes, it can be too good to be true:

Michigan is dropping because nearly 224,000 residents have left the Great Lakes workforce.  It seems the spike in improvement isn’t coming from the fact that there are more jobs, but less people in the unemployment line.  It’s estimated that 94,000 have left the state, so the other 130,000 have either retired out of the workforce, gone to school, of just gave up looking.  This is the more dangerous of the unemployment figures because it disguises the real problem – that the true level of unemployment just isn’t being talked about.

Florida seems to be showing the same pattern.  With a 2.3% drop, a very encouraging number, the number isn’t something to completely believe.  Florida is a haven for retirees – retiring baby boomers that have lost their jobs and had trouble securing new employment.

So, while I always think that electing Republicans are better for business than Lib-crats, we need to make sure that our celebrations are earned, when we see the results of real policies generating real results.  But of course, we need to remove those who believe expanding government is the way to fix the economy.

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July 8, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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Un-Doctored Photo: Not Hiring Until Obama Gone

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This has got to be the most awesome picture I’ve seen all week and company policy statement I have seen all year.

West Georgia business owner Bill Looman of US Crane, LLC  is one of many very frustrated business owners who simply cannot hire people because the government’s insane policies, inabilities to balance its books, and the looming threat of Obamacare are slamming the door on the ability for small biz owners to add new people to the payroll.

Watch out, Bill.  The Occupy rabble may end up in your parking lot complaining about how you’re part of the problem.  But if they put up a tent, you can always use a crane and lift it away.

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November 24, 2011 at 10:00 am

Only 36,000?

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Harry Reid is an insensitive jerk. 

That’s 36,000 who will be filing for unemployment insurance, 36,000 who now have to tell their families that they have to cut back on expenses and save what they can until something else comes around.  36,000 people who don’t think “only 36,000” is very good.

Too bad it wasn’t 36,000…and one.  Because you, Harry Reid, need to lose your job – for poor performance, general insubordination, and general incompetence.  Of course, then we might be able to take your salary and a few pay people better than you.

Good people of Nevada – do your country a favor and send this clown to the unemployment line.

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March 5, 2010 at 12:39 pm

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ObamAd Inc doesn’t see us as people – it only sees us as wallets from which to take money.

As I listened to the news today, I heard the headline regarding the unexpected drop in the unemployment number, going back down to 10%.  And while this isn’t a bad thing, for it is better to see people going back to work, that number rang in my head…10%.  While it has gone down, 10% of Americans are still out of work.

But yet, the Senate seems hell-bent on pushing the Senate bill for health care reform through the upper chamber, touting that some 30-40 million Americans don’t have health care.  And then that number, 10%, came right back.

And while I’m sure I’m oversimplifying my analysis of the numbers, that 10% of Americans without health care doesn’t equal the 10% of Americans who don’t have work, it is startling that the government is about to spend a trillion dollars of unearned money (which no one has really figured out definitively from where it’s going to come) to fix a system that is not really broken (although it is flawed in a few places) yet the Administration and the Congress are doing nothing to promote jobs.

And then I remember Crazy Uncle Joe Biden’s statement about how the priority needed to be on a three-letter word, J-O-B-S.   After laughing at a mistake that my kid would have found amusing, I started shaking my head because J-O-B-S doesn’t really seem to be too important these days, based on how much cash is being thrown at the topic of health reform.

Now before any of you kool-aid drinking liberals out there start talking to me about the stimulus, well, just know that I am not buying that line.  The stimulus had nothing to do with really creating jobs because with only 6% of the money spent (again, unearned money from some invisible coffer) and the promise that the jobless rate wouldn’t go above 8% (another lie), I’m not convinced that the stimulus is helping anyone except Democrat cheerleaders, special interests, and pork projects. 

But did it ever occur to anyone in Washington that if more emphasis were put on creating jobs by making US companies more competitive, that the problem with health coverage may not be as pervasive?  That maybe health reform isn’t all that big of a concern if a person can’t even put food on his/her table. 

Americans have made frugality a priority this holiday season, but it would seem that the government doesn’t consider wise spending and fiscal responsibility an issue.

But then, when ever has government ever truly been in sync with the priorities of the people.  ObamAd Inc doesn’t see us as people – it only sees us as wallets from which to take money.

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December 4, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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