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Abortion Murder Atrocities – And the Left Couldn’t Care Less

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As the Gosnell trial in Pennsylvania quietly plays out without so much as a real peep from the Main Stream Media, I read stories like this and wonder how the liberal movement can continue to make a bid for the moral high ground.  They gripe about thousands dying from gun violence and yet turn a blind eye to the millions – including those aborted after 20 weeks, that get their heads crushed or spinal columns severed after premature birth.

Abortion is an act of supreme evil – why can’t you liberals see it?

Read It  (Warning: Disturbing Imagery)  Why the Gosnell Case Should Be a Front-Page Story

Read It: Abortion Survivor Swimming in Toilet Trying to Get Out


Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 21, 2013 at 2:04 pm

In Short – Ouch, that’ll sting a bit – again

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Well, the latest speedbump in the Obama master plan has cost two of his appointees their aspired jobs.  Previously mentioned, Tom Daschle has decided to step aside, noting that the circus surrounding his $100,000+ tax bill was probably not the attitude of change that the Obama Administration had hoped to bring.  Additionally, Nancy Killefer, who was to step up as the chief performance officer, and have a deputy role in the OMB.

For the last couple weeks since Obama has taken office, he’s not doing too good as far as making sweeping changes for the better.  Instead, he’s chalked up a loss about once every couple days:

  1. Telling Reps to stop listening to Limbaugh and get with the program, which has created an ongoing onslaught from the EIB network – an onslaught that only Harry Reid can truly appreciate.
  2. No GOP Reps going along with the Obama $850B Porkulus bill, taking 11 Democrats with them.
  3. Daschle and Killefer out as potential appointments for cabinet/high-level White House postings.
  4. Ticking off the US mainstream media by doing his first sit-down interview with Arab TV, rather than a US journalist.
  5. Drawing the ire from European world leaders, such as France and Britain after nearly sparking a EU trade war with his “Buy American” provisions of the porkulus plan.

Mr. Obama was the one who set the bar nice and high with the golden messages of hope and change.  Yet, I guess the biggest hope now is to see if he gets anything done without running into tax liens at the IRS and irritating those that put him into office.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 3, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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