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Boehner Supports Obama on Syria? There’s Something Up With This

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I’m really not sure what is possessing John Boehner to support the President’s call for military action on Syria here.  Everything in my being tells me we have no business there – kind of reminds me of US involvement in Kosovo (and I don’t think we had a real mission there either).

Now before all the Liberal naysayers out there start quoting how this is no different than in 2003 with Bush, let me just go through some of the simplicities.

Syria has not attacked us nor any of our allies.  In fact, Syria attacked rebels who are allied with our enemy, Al Qaeda.  In 2003, we went after the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Iraq, which were enemies of the US and did attack us.

Syria has no means to hit the US.  None of their weapon delivery systems can touch us (unless they are looking to Iran, Russia, or China to get hardware. Al Qaeda and the Taliban already proved it had attack capability back in 2003.

We knew about the sarin gas because Saddam hid it in Syria when we were going after him. Or did we forget that minute point.

Did Syria use sarin gas? Well according to our sources, yes, but the jury is still out at the UN.  And of course, Russia is denying it all, but then, what else is new. If they did, then really, how is the use of sarin any different than what these state sponsors of terror do when they strap bombs on kids, shuttle weapons around, or broker backroom deals with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

If I were John Boehner, I would visibly step back from this and tell the President to figure it out. With that golden intellect of his, he should be able to come up with an answer to this little conundrum.  Boehner doesn’t have to do anything to support the President here and, quite frankly, after the President’s arrogance over the last five years, why should Boehner lift a finger to save him?

Unless there’s some quid pro quo here that we don’t know about.  Maybe the cost for Boehner’s cooperation here is a great big blue chip in Boehner’s pocket – not that Obama isn’t already running the wells dry with the possibility that the House could start defunding ObamaCare.

I am reminded of Uncle Remus’ Br’er Rabbit story of the Tar Baby. While that story always gets the knock for the so-called racial epithets, the thing is, Obama in this case is the rabbit. He got cocky and started smacking the tar baby around for not talking to him.  Now, the rabbit is stuck.

Obama started off with his hard talk about “red lines” and warning Syria not to cross them. But he has underestimated the situation and painted himself into a corner. Now he has to either 1) act unilaterally and face harsh criticism with the specter of impeachment for violating the War Powers Act; 2) attempt to seek Congressional approval and hope that the GOP goes along in the House (which they won’t muster the votes as far as I can tell) or 3) don’t act and find himself without any credibility at all (not that he has a lot in the Middle East to begin with).

Obama got himself into this mess with all his Donkey-Hawk talk.  And if he does attack, he needs to hand his Nobel Peace Prize back, because he would be no different than those that he criticized for Iraq and Afghanistan.

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September 3, 2013 at 10:12 am

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Remembering Shorty

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I never had the privilege of meeting him.  We’re not even within 1000 miles of one another and  a good chance we have never been.  But tonight, this post goes out to Mr. Delbert “Shorty” Belton, an 88 year old, WWII combat veteran, who was wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa.


There aren’t many of our WWII vets left – men who were there to tell the tales that most of us will only read about in history books.  They are a treasure within this nation.  Men of valor and courage who stepped up when their country called them to service.

Shorty, though, died this morning, after succumbing to his injuries as a result of a merciless attack by two punk kids.  According to Spokane police, Mr. Belton was beaten down by two African-American kids, ages somewhere between 16 and 19.

Shorty, according to his friend Ted Denison, was the kind of guy who would be your friend in minutes.  A nice guy who loved working on cars and shooting pool.  He survived being shot in the leg during the war.  He worked for 30 years in an aluminum plant.

And two piece-of-crap punks beat him down.  There was no reason for it.  They just killed him.

Why?  What did Shorty do to deserve this?  He deserved to be honored as a war hero, just like all of our other soldiers. He deserved to enjoy the fruits of his labor in the country he bled for. And he deserved to leave this world in peace, honorably, and with the love of a grateful nation. He didn’t deserve what happened to him.

And you know, Obama will say nothing.  Sharpton will say nothing. Jackson will say nothing.  They have been yammering on and on about hate crimes and yet, they will quietly let this one pass.

I won’t.

My blog may not have a lot of readers, or get a lot of attention in the mainstream; it never was intended to be much more than my way of venting about the nonsense of the world.  But The Rabid Conservative won’t just let this one go.

This was clearly a hate crime, and it’s time for those who were angry about the Trayvon Martin incident to step up and show that they aren’t hypocrites.  If we’re going to make a big stink about racial hate, then I think it’s time that we start being consistent.

Before we lose more heroes like Shorty.

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August 22, 2013 at 9:17 pm

Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith

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I can hardly believe that the Pentagon would criminalize soldiers who would share their faith.  People like Mikey Weinstein represent the evil in this country, for idiot crackpots like him would put George Washington in the stocks for sharing his faith with his soldiers – a faith that kept hope alive for those wintered over in Valley Forge.

And the haters of God and Christ call us intolerant, declaring us enemies of the Constitution and no better than sex offenders.

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May 1, 2013 at 6:33 pm

It’s Stuff Like This That Helps Us Win Wars

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The number one adversary to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq is not an armed enemy that wants to fight honorably on a field of battle, but a cowardly, timid one, who works through placing tripwire explosives into the field of battle.  Some are nothing more than a paper bag with some explosives in it, but others are pretty elaborate and deadly.  One would think that the military would have a very good solution for this, but nothing as of yet.

So it turns out the Traxxas Stampede remote controlled truck, a toy for children, just saved six soldiers’ lives by detonating an IED that was packed up with about 500lbs of explosives.

The Traxxas Stampede is nothing more than a remote-control truck, outfitted with a wi-fi camera that can move at the same speed or ahead of a HMMWV convoy, running at posted speed limit.  It can see IED’s planted roadside and either detonate them or detect them so they can be handled properly. The monitor can be mounted to a rifle

Cost of using a Traxxas Stampede with wireless camera and monitor to find IED’s is about $500.

Cost of the lives of soldiers saved by a child’s toy is priceless.

The thing is, if such a device were developed by the federal defense contracting community, it would take years to develop with engineers and bureaucrats fighting over just about every aspect of the project.  Each one would have a unit cost of about $50,000 and would require the soldiers to get specialized training to use it.

(That is until some labor union found a way to force the industry to only allow union labor to make these things to help some Democrat to stay in office.  Otherwise, you’d have some ingrate like Senator Bernie Sanders seek to cut it from the defense budget before it got out in the field. But I digress.)

However, this hobby store, Everything Hobby in Rochester, Minnesota, has found its way to help soldiers in the field – by sending out these things as fast as they can get them out the door.  Not only are they a great morale boost for soldiers in the field, but they are a nifty and novel solution for a very real threat.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Here’s a LiveLeak video that shows one in use in Ramadi to check an IED.

It’s this kind of thing that will win wars and spur our economy along: down-home ingenious can-do thinking to overcome problems.  This is at the heart of the American spirit, because it shows how people, left to make their own destinies, can excel and succeed.

I bet, if this hobby store started taking donations and shipping these babies out the door, we would have something to be proud of.

And six mothers who get to see their children return is what makes it all worth while.

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August 4, 2011 at 10:31 am

Michelle Obama’s Pep Tour

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Today, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are in Colorado Springs, dragging her entourage around at probably a pretty high cost to American taxpayers, to Fountain-Ft. Carson, on the south side of Colorado Springs.  Why are these two here?  To support military families, right?

What a joke.  If Michelle really wanted to support military families, she should tell her husband that he was wrong for electing to not pay the military during a government shutdown over keeping Planned Parenthood from collecting their due.  Instead, she’s going around talking about how much the military inspires her.  Is that just happen to be a follow-on from her actually learning to be proud of her country?

So, amidst all the fan-fare that surrounds the news, the real news is from the comments of those in the Springs, specifically parents who were told to keep their youngsters home because they didn’t fit the look and image.  Now we all know that the White House determines, in advance, the kinds of people, the numbers, and the like come to these things.  This tells me it’s only really about politics and trying to bolster Obama’s image in the eyes of the military.

But again, these comments caught my eye, amidst the scores of hate comments from the locals shooting at each other.

  • My kids go there, my daughter was one of the few selected to actually be in the same room. My son, well he was asked not to come today because, well quite frankly, he didn’t fit the profile of the community they are trying to portray. haha what a farce.
  • This is NOT an equal opportunity for students. Students/parents were NOT picked "at random". I know some students were "excused" and "given the day off" or simply asked "not to come". (High risk? Behavior?)Only 10% of students will actually meet her, the rest will see her by video broadcast (YAWN)and will be sequestered in the gym or cafeteria for two or more hours (yeah, that will work well). I assure you teachers won’t be teaching; students won’t be learning. They are only scheduled to be in 3 classes today for 10 minutes each and lunch won’t be served until 12:30 to 2:00. Nothing will get done today but I’m sure those 60 "random" students" will enjoy it.

I kinda wish I knew what students got selected – which kids were good enough to be in the same room, which ones were sent to watch the thing in the cafeteria or auditorium via camera feed and which ones got a school-sponsored day off.

Interestingly, Jamie Hyneman, the beret-sporting star of Mythbusters  was Michelle’s opening act.  However, some students were more interested in seeing Hyneman then they were in seeing the First Lady.  Perhaps because Hyneman does real work for a living and can still entertain the American people, versus Michelle who really does neither. 

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April 14, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Fat Kid Jimmy or Ali Al Kaboom

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This just has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

Yesterday, Michelle “First Time” Obama*, rolling out ObamAd Inc’s new initiative has unilaterally said that fat people are a threat to National Security.

“A recent study put the health care cost of obesity-related diseases at $147 billion a year, this epidemic also impacts the nation’s security, as obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service.”

What “First Time” doesn’t get is that why we have to have a military in the first place, because we have people in this world who want to bring harm to this country and the people in it.  Rather than actually go after the real reason why we have National Security issues, that is, because we have terrorists smuggling bombs in their underwear, shoes, bras, or whatever, Michelle is railing on fat kids.  While she mentions obesity, the Let’s Move program is aimed specifically at obese children in public schools.

There was always one fat kid in school that got picked on.  Maybe his name was Billy, Timmy, or Susie.  In our example, we’ll call him Jimmy.

You’d always see Jimmy walking around, with a packet of Oreos or a bag of potato chips in his grasp, feasting on high fructose corn syrupy goodness, after putting away an artery clogging, heart stopping, triple cheeseburger, with onion rings and a 44 oz. Coke. 

But one thing we never thought of Jimmy – he wasn’t very threatening.  When he got mad because people picked on him, he’d try to chase you, but Jimmy couldn’t run more than 20 feet before gasping for air and doubling over (like that was a sight we ever wanted to see).  Jimmy would cry, go home, and drown his sorrow in a family size bag of M&M’s with a 2 liter Coke chaser before playing Nintendo for six hours straight to help him cope with his image issues.

But evidently, Michelle Obama thinks Jimmy is a threat to the security of the United States because he can’t join the military.  He couldn’t scale a wall higher than three feet, but he can certainly the folks at The Pentagon a bit worried.  Michelle Obama is worried about it too.

But when the aptly named “Fruit-Of-The-Kaboom” bomber attempted to blow up a plane by hiding the bomb making materials in his BVD’s, the Obamas were soaking it up in Hawai’i.  But did they cut their vacation short in the face of an act (albeit failed) of terror?  Not a chance.  However, had George Bush pulled something like that, he’d be read the riot act by the liberals in Congress.  

Perhaps the only thing stupider than all this, and this is quite a reach, is the Harrisonburg Police Department bringing felony charges against two, 21 year olds, for throwing snowballs at cars.  Evidently, the actual charge is that they are “throwing missiles” (unlawful shoot/throw)

Well, that’s it then.  Fat Jimmy is a threat to national security.  Lob a snowball at him.

Just when liberals reach their maximum levels of stupidity, they find a way to push the envelope of the ridiculous.

* Quoting Michelle Obama: “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of this country.”, which is just as amusing that she’s the First Lady.  Magnus the Dog tells me he likes the nickname.

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February 11, 2010 at 4:01 pm

Killer Robots and The Decision to Open Fire

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I just read this article this morning and it got me thinking about something that has been a problem for warfighters for centuries – the changing conditions of people and how it relates to warfighting.

Sun Tzu wrote prolifically in The Art of War  that whenever a government (what he labeled as “the sovereign”) gets involved in military decisions, usually that leads to military failure.  Sun Tzu pointed out that the Sovereign gives the order to make war and it’s up to the Generals to fight that war, completely and fully.  Sun Tzu frowned on the very notion of politicians getting involved in combat operations for one reason: when the time comes to take action, political pressure could cause that warfighter to waver and not do what, militarily, had to be done.  This is how liberalism has led to the lack of military effectiveness for centuries.

So, the writer of the mentioned article had this to say:

Reducing risk, and casualties, is at the heart of the drive for more and better robots. Ultimately, that means "fully autonomous engagement without human intervention," according to an Army communication to robot designers. In other words, computer programs, not a remote human operator, would decide when to open fire. What worries some experts is that technology is running ahead of deliberations of ethical and legal questions.

While I’m not particularly ready to cede the launch codes of America’s nuke arsenal to a computer program or setting up SkyNet, it does represent the opposite end of Sun Tzu’s point about external influences into military operations. The point that I make here is that robots and computer programs deployed to take combat action will do so without injecting personal remorse or objection.  As the writer of the above article clearly stated, robots don’t care or get demoralized (or energized) if they see a comrade fall.  They don’t get tired, hungry, frustrated at failure or overconfident at success.  They simply will obey the laws of the sovereign without question, exactly what Sun Tzu believed a soldier should be, carrying out their programming for as long as they are able.

(btw – no discussions here about situational ethics or complex situations governing the robot/program’s actions. The point in this post is very specific)

In a wildly theoretical sense, what would happen if we actually had a computer program set up to make combat decisions?  The supports for these decisions would be based on a set of principles that don’t change based on how people are feeling at the time, such as the desire for retaliatory action on 9/12/2001 versus people’s thinking in March 2003 when we went into Iraq, to now, as people are growing more and more tired of war.  The program would not tire nor would be prone to extreme ‘sledgehammer-to-swat-a-fly’ measures.  The program would not care if the Code Pinkers protested on the front yard of the developer.  It would just do as it is told.   Personally, if something like that were ever put in place, it might actually change the scope of what warfighting was about and bring it in line with what Sun Tzu was saying.

Today, people can’t fight a war without having external pressures governing how that war is played out.

* As a side note about this, few will remember this one, but we had Mohammed Omar, also known as the “One-Eyed Mullah” in the cross-hairs during the early part of the war.  Turns out a Predator drone came up on him getting into a vehicle.  We had a clear shot, but our CENTCOM general at the time held fire because the Judge Advocate General (JAG – military lawyer) said he was “uncomfortable” with taking out Omar.  Omar remains in hiding with a $10M bounty on his one-eyed head.   I’m sure if Sun Tzu was presented with the possibility of taking out one of his key enemy leaders in one shot, he wouldn’t be uncomfortable with it at all.

And we wonder why the war has taken as long as it has…

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April 23, 2009 at 9:29 am

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