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A $15 Minimum Wage? Fat chance!

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Once again, we continue to fight the battle over minimum wage.

Don’t they realize that the reason why costs have gone up on things is because the Fed continues to devalue the American Dollar by dumping more of their printed works of financial fiction into the market?  What that does is require EVERYONE to take a pay cut.  This is why we have those “adjusted for inflation” numbers – it’s because money isn’t worth what it once was.

If they indeed raise the minimum wage, then the cost of everything goes up to match inflation.  Do you seriously want to pay $15 for a Big Mac?

The thing is, the value of goods and services are what someone will pay for them.  But cost is not an evaluation of value because it’s contingent upon changing dynamics.  Instead, how about we value things based on the amount of time to acquire them?

For example, let’s take your time.  Every person, no matter age, gender, skin color, or ethnicity, gets 24 hours a day – 168 hours in a week.   You want to buy a microwave oven for $80 and you make $10/hr (taxes notwithstanding).  That’s a full day’s wages, spent for that microwave.

Folks, this is what economics is built on – simple unchanging ideas of the value of things.

Now, not to be overly mean, but many of these whiny people working min-wage jobs aren’t running around with college degrees (or have degrees in non employable fields).  They lack drive to actually improve themselves – but rather, want that entitlement.  They think they are actually WORTH more money than their being paid.

So, something I heard on Rush today – ask one of these nitwits how much is enough.  $20/hr?  $30/hr?  $50/hr?  Sooner or later, they will see that $50/hr is too much for flipping burgers at which point, you get them on their valuation.

Minimum wage jobs aren’t meant to build careers on.  People that aspire to nothing more than to flip burgers don’t deserve the bigger salaries.  No one out there is saying, “you deserve to be paid more!”.  So why should I demand it?

Stay rabid, my friends…

Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm

Hacked Democracy? Algor is a Rich Idiot

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The Fat Green One continues to rattle his gums, talking about how our Democracy has been hacked, and because of big money corporations, etc etc.  This has been the lament of the socialist left for years now – annoying things like individual liberty coupled with responsibility, the Constitution, pure freedom – these are things that the left really abhors.  

Actually, their lament is, “America is screwed up because we can’t get our way – and it’s Wall Street’s fault”.

Algor seems to forget that the US is not a democracy, it’s a republic.  We as citizens seem to forget this – even when the name of our country is the United STATES.  We are a union, not of people, but of states.  Unfortunately, we have eroded the context of states so much that now, we have the people electing senators, rather than those senators being elected by their General Assemblies and statehouses. In short, we forget that point all too easily.

Since Algor wants to talk about how big money has hijacked our country, perhaps he would be so good as to talk about how the labor unions are just as much part of the blame.  But since the Teamsters, AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, etc etc use their clout to impose their will (anyone know how much control the unions have on states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and the like?)  With the unions using nice terms like “collective bargaining rights” and “card check” to sequester dues from people in order to promote their liberal causes, it’s really amazing how the left ignores them.

Algor’s point here is to talk about how big money’s influence is wrong yet he’s damaged good now – given his recent sellout of Current TV to Al Jazeera.  That fat clod is laughing all the way to the bank – a bank pumped with oil money.  Why do we listen to this guy when he is very much, himself, a big fat green part of the problem.

For the left, if things don’t go the way they plan, they get gripey about how our democracy has been hacked, how we should just give up on the Constitution over issues, or how the right to bear arms is an outdated concept. In other words, rather than codify liberty in law, we elect mob rule. Good thinking there, pinheads. You people have no concept of the Founder’s intent.

I don’t even know why Algor continues to have a platform to speak – the man is a quack and a hack.  He’s totally disingenuous and generally useless, both to the greenie movements as well as…well…to anyone else that has to listen to his tripe.

Read It: Al Gore: ‘Our Democracy Has Been Hacked’ | The Weekly Standard.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm

In Short – Middle Ground for the Corporate Pay Question

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President Obama this week is clamoring on restricting the pay of corporate executives, riding on the coattails of the corporate populist ballyhoo of AIG paying out bonuses to people who were contractually entitled to the bonus.  Lately, though, the liberal government’s need to regulate how companies pay their people is really approaching socialism.  Now I can see the government stepping in with a voice when federal taxpayer money has been committed to bailing our a company that’s deemed ‘too big to fail’. But Obama wants to do this across the board.

Of course, we don’t worry about limiting the pay of professional athletes who make $5 million to hit or throw a ball as a pro sports all star, but the Dems want to penalize corporate all-starts/executives by capping their pay.

Anyway, here’s an idea. Since America’s political strength is in our ability to reach compromise, I propose the following as a solution:

Any company receiving TARP or whatever Federal bailout money should agree that, within 90 days, they call a meeting of their shareholders and put the subject of executive compensation on the meeting agenda. The shareholders vote as to whether the CEO making $800,000/year is too much.  The results of the vote are reported back to the government before any dispersal of money.

To me, this sounds reasonably fair.  The decision of compensation is left to the one to make the decision – the corporate shareholders, and the government can call it regulated because it ensured that the people who make the decision are given the opportunity to make the choice for themselves.

Think I’m off base? Shoot me a comment.

(Side note: The Dems have been squawking about corporate bonuses being paid out by contract to AIG employees, yet we don’t give any consideration that UAW and other unions are basically extorting the auto makers for nearly half of their revenue to pay for people who no longer produce anything.  Yet we don’t see the Dems all over that)

Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 24, 2009 at 11:12 am

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