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Read First, Then Criticize

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Today, I got a piece of mail advertising this really cool opportunity to take a vacation (and God knows I would certainly enjoy one, that’s for sure).  Basically it’s a 5 day, 4 night trip with cruise in Florida, a stop over in the Bahamas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando, expenses paid.  Hotel, cruise, entertainment, food, the works with the “Extended Stay” package of $1,300.

And then, after getting to the end of the little booklet, I asked myself, “what’s this free thing going to cost me?”  Perhaps I should read the fine print and then criticize.  And then I found the catch:

…and in return, requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of independent vacation ownership resorts…”

Does anyone remember that episode from South Park where the parents of the kids went to Aspen for a free ski trip, only to get railroaded into sitting through presentation after presentation about buying a timeshare?  In the end, the parents all forked over the cash, since they were being held there at gunpoint by the sales people and the police.

Well, I guess I don’t get my beach/cruise vacation, at least one for free to central Florida.  No worries.  I would rather go to St. Croix.

But that timeshare idiocy is kinda like what’s been going on in the political world.

First, we started off with the massive Stimulus Bill that was chocked full with so much pork-barrel spending that it prompted Rush Limbaugh to name it the “Porkulus” bill.  The bill was pretty heavy duty, better than 1,000 pages long, and, as reported by US News and World Report, comes to a hefty $3.3 trillion.  No one but fiscal conservatives actually read that one, and by the time the we had read through it, it was law and we were on the hook for $3.3 trillion (which, by the way, was an immediate 60% increase to the National Debt.

Then came the ObamaCare package, which has been basically force fed on the American public, as if it weren’t passed in the next 72 hours, grandma would die from lack of health care, the sky would fall, and the events portrayed in the movie 2012 would most certainly occur.  That bill came in at well over 2,000 pages, but rather than even giving the American public 72 hours to read it (like my so-called free vacation and cruise voucher), the bill was crammed through Congress, just so we could see what was in it, as Nancy Lolla-Pelousi suggested we do.  That one is going to come in at over $1 trillion, even though the D-crats said it wouldn’t.  Of course, the Congressional Budget Office didn’t get any time to read it, much less the “five days” that it would sit on Obama’s desk before signature.  We didn’t have any time to read that.

Now, we’re hearing about how Eric “The Tool” Holder and Janet “Big…uhh…Sis” Napolitano, as well as the rest of ObamAd, inc absolutely detest the new Arizona immigration law, but yet, admit they never read the law, despite it is, but a measly ten pages. 

So let me get this straight…the #1 attorney in the nation and the Homeland Security Secretary have never read one of the most riveting laws regarding immigration in recent memory, but yet, they play for the same team that expect that the country to swallow $4.3 trillion in legislation without even giving it a cursory once over, only to cry foul when we actually DO read the bill and vocally criticize it.

I’m somewhat disturbed over the comments of Sens. Kyl and Cornyn that they are going to take the filibuster off of the table with regards to the Elena Kagan SCOTUS appointment.  Part of me thinks this is good because filibustering judicial nominees is something that D-crats do when they don’t want to give an up or down vote. 

But, rather than go through her appointment, credentials, anything, we should just say no to Kagan because, flatly, “We don’t like you.”.  No reading, just a flat denial.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Oh look, here’s another flyer for two complimentary air tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. if I would only call this toll-free number and verify my name and identity. 

Yeah, whatever.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 17, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Assorted Rabidity

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I’ve been in a generally foul mood lately.  Those that know me know I’ve not been a particularly fun person.  And once in a while, I have to let out some rabidity.  So, I’ve trolled through the news headlines to fine a list of things at which I can throw bricks.

1. According to Crazy Uncle Joe, Iraq is one of Barack Obama’s greatest achievements.  You have got to be kidding me.  The guy who campaigned on how much he was opposed to Iraq and everything about it, they guy who believed the surge would actually make Iraq worse, contrary to what happened, now deserves credit for it?  I swear, every time Biden opens his pie hole, the complete opposite of common sense comes out, like it’s some sort of anti-language.  And what was Obama thinking in making this dork our Vice-President, anyway.  Most of the time, the Veep is supposed to not say anything – just do his job.  Maybe, once in a while, give a speech at Columbia U. or something.  I sorta wish Biden would do neither.

2. Conservatives have been telling people for years – when you give away free money, you essentially are fertilizing corruption.  In Polk County, Florida, there was a plan in motion, which got kaboshed for now, to give disabled kids a free iPod Nano, courtesy of Uncle Sam and Presidents Bush and Obama.  The idea was interesting on paper, but when the parents filed to get the nifty device, the parent would keep it for themselves, rather than giving it to their kid.  Since it was a foregone that these kids wouldn’t have any idea that the Porkulus bill had a little somethin-somethin for them, well, no harm, no foul, and mom or dad get a new iPod player out of it.  Like we didn’t see THAT one, eh?  Nancy Woolcock, the assistant super at Polk County Schools thinks these kids deserve a free iPod, on our nickel.  So where’s MY free iPod?

3. Once again, Obama is “playing the middle” regarding tax increases.  I’m sure he realizes they are a completely bad idea in a recession, and he even campaigned on not raising taxes “not one penny”.  But now, he’s “agnostic”about sticking it to the middle class to reign in the federal budget.   Seems we’re closer now to seeing the middle class have to pay for the bloated spending of the government – their only crime was electing a collection of idiots who were effectively responsible for jacking up the bill. 

4. I used to like Bill Nye, the Science Guy.  He was hip, for being an egg-headed scientist.  He helped make science cool for kids.  However, today, he’s just another political hack liberal doofus.  Turns out, Nye now believes that if a person denies climate change, that somehow, the person is ‘unpatriotic’.  Lately, the ‘unpatriotic’ card has been thrown around a lot, saying that if one person doesn’t do this or that, that somehow, they don’t love their country enough.  To me, it’s like that high-maintenance girlfriend that says, “if you don’t buy me that $2000 purse or take me to the Caribbean, even if it breaks your bank account, then you don’t love your me”.  There is only one way to deal with a high maintenance girlfriend – kick her sorry rear to the curb and let her be someone else’s parasite.  Same solution here.

Nye also said that it’s easier to sell the theory of anthropogenic global warming to younger generations since ‘older people’ have a harder time with the concept.  Hey Bill Nye, I’ve got something for you – it’s called SCIENCE – maybe you’ve heard of it.  Science doesn’t need to be ‘sold’, just told.  We put it all on the table, not just the stuff we wanna hear, like that sideshow in Copenhagen a few months ago.  Older people don’t have a problem with the concept; it’s the lack of real proof and discourse that they don’t like.  Younger people can be more easily fooled by Al Gore’s carbon credit Snake Oil. 

Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.  (yeah, I meant to spell it that way)

5.  Finally, more big brother stuff.  Turns out that the Obama Administration is opting to track cell phones, citing the point that tracking cell phones does not violate the intents of the Fourth Amendment protections.  I sorta think it does, given that the Fourth Amendment was intended to protect people in their persons, homes, papers, and effects.  Since cellular phones have become a very personal device, it would seem very much so that they would be protected.  In fact, in 2008, the Electronic Frontier Foundation successfully argued before the federal court in Western Pennsylvania that the Government would require a warrant before a cell company would be required to release tracking records.  Of course, this amuses me because members within Obama Administration have gone through great lengths to express their displeasure with the Patriot Act, a number of provisions which have ventured dangerously close to the Fourth Amendment line.

I wonder if Big Sis Napolitano wants to use warrantless cell phone tracking to keep an eye on all of us conservatives, which, according to her, deserve to be on government watch lists.

Sigh – and just as I get this rabidity out, there are more things on which to comment.  Onwards and upwards, eh?

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm

In Short – Will They Be Turned?

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As you may know, the gargantuan porkulus bill is sitting in the Senate and Harry Reid is trying to ram it through.  It secured passage through the House without a single GOP vote, however, the GOP has at least a foot in the door to keep this irresponsible piece of garbage legislation from seeing the light of day.

But that foot can be quickly retracted – let me give you their names:

• Olympia Snowe (R-ME)
• Susan Collins (R-ME)
• Arlen Specter (R-PA)

These three are being heavily courted by the Senate Majority Leader, who is trying to peel off moderate senators to close debate and push the bill towards passage.  These three are being offered quid pro quos in exchange for their favorable vote for the bill.

With a razor-thin cloture vote looming, the porkulus bill could be killed by the Senate.  Similar to the $750B bailout bill, the Senate can kill the largest transfer of cash from the private sector to the federal government in the history of the United State.

So, question, Senators Snowe, Collins, and Specter, are you real Republicans?  Will you stand up for the beliefs of the Grand Ole Party, or will you, for your own political agendas, join Harry Reid? 

If you three vote for this bill, you should just all become Democrats – the GOP shouldn’t want you in the party anymore, because you’re RINO’s now.  But if you get some gumption – if you grow a spine and tell Harry Reid where to stick this porkulus bill, well, then you’re still worthy to carry the mantle of the party of Reagan.

Where will you stand?  It’s come down to this.

We’re watching….and waiting.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 6, 2009 at 2:57 pm

In Short – Ouch, that’ll sting a bit – again

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Well, the latest speedbump in the Obama master plan has cost two of his appointees their aspired jobs.  Previously mentioned, Tom Daschle has decided to step aside, noting that the circus surrounding his $100,000+ tax bill was probably not the attitude of change that the Obama Administration had hoped to bring.  Additionally, Nancy Killefer, who was to step up as the chief performance officer, and have a deputy role in the OMB.

For the last couple weeks since Obama has taken office, he’s not doing too good as far as making sweeping changes for the better.  Instead, he’s chalked up a loss about once every couple days:

  1. Telling Reps to stop listening to Limbaugh and get with the program, which has created an ongoing onslaught from the EIB network – an onslaught that only Harry Reid can truly appreciate.
  2. No GOP Reps going along with the Obama $850B Porkulus bill, taking 11 Democrats with them.
  3. Daschle and Killefer out as potential appointments for cabinet/high-level White House postings.
  4. Ticking off the US mainstream media by doing his first sit-down interview with Arab TV, rather than a US journalist.
  5. Drawing the ire from European world leaders, such as France and Britain after nearly sparking a EU trade war with his “Buy American” provisions of the porkulus plan.

Mr. Obama was the one who set the bar nice and high with the golden messages of hope and change.  Yet, I guess the biggest hope now is to see if he gets anything done without running into tax liens at the IRS and irritating those that put him into office.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 3, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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