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Contradictions: Ferguson Part Deux

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Well, Ferguson, MO is on fire again last night from the protesters (read: angry entitlement-types who are lawlessly looting and destroying) because they decided that they were going to make the town pay because they don’t believe in justice – only vengeance. Even though this guy:


angrily charged and beat on this cop, tried to get his sidearm, called him a pu**y according to eyewitness reports:


and got himself shot in what the grand jury noted was clear self defense. My condolences to the Brown family for their loss, but when a police officer gives an order, you obey it. It comes from being a responsible citizen:


Not these guys, BTW. Oh, and someone tell that guy to pull his pants up. He looks like a half-dressed clown.

Now these people feel like it’s their right to commit arson and burn public and private property:


Well, except for this shop owner who hired a few guns to protect his property. I guess the so-called “protesters” will be protesting somewhere else (Thank GOD for the Second Amendment):


While this guy, basically lectures us about how we are a nation of laws, yet abrogates the law through executive order and grants amnesty to five million people in the country illegally – that is, in contrary to the laws of the United States:


I guess Christmas in Ferguson just isn’t what it used to be, eh?  Santa, you might want to fly around, since there is a no-fly zone right now.



Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 25, 2014 at 12:20 pm

More Stuff You Won’t See at a Tea Party Rally

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…but you see it at an Occupy protest…

  • Occupy Atlanta: Tuberculosis?? And you would think with all the “amateur pharmcologists” roaming about, they would be prepared…
  • Occupy Burlington: Shooting in Vermont.  And we were led to believe it was a “peaceful assembly”.
  • Occupy Wall Street: EMT gets a broken leg.  Medics have always been in harms way – why stop now, right?
  • Occupy Portland: Eviction notice.  Mayor Sam Adams has had enough of the crime and the homeless moving in.

Again, when have the Tea Party protests ever been kicked off premises for drugs, shootings, public sex, and become fetid cesspools of homeless and disease?

The Main Stream Media’s willful ignorance in this is astonishing, but not exactly unexpected.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 10, 2011 at 2:10 pm

The “Other 99%” Would Do the Same Thing

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I’ve not really commented much on the rather silly and meaningless “Occupy” protests going on around the country because it’s really nothing more than a class warfare stunt designed to crucify those 1% of Americans that have been successful in business.  In times of economic chaos, it is inevitable that people with complain and gripe.  It happened in the 70’s and 80’s; it’s nothing new.

My beautiful bride even made a comment to me as I was writing this:  It’s just like Rome.  When the people weren’t fat, happy, and entertained, they rebelled against the government and society in general.  I think she’s right because the human condition hasn’t changed since Adam and Eve decided it would be good to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

Essentially, what these protesters are saying is that the wealth is ill-gotten and it needs to be spread around.  They have bought into the Marxist lie of government-mandated fairness.

Now, as a student of human nature and the like, I have found that greed is a trait that permeates throughout the entire of human race, not just a subset of them that have money.  I’ve personally seen greed in my own life and in the lives of those around me.  None of us are rich, so I would suspect that these Occupy protests are nothing more than the “have-not”’s showing their own greed.

It reminds me of this scene from the 1989 movie Batman:


Hubba Hubba Hubba Money Money Money

I bet the Occupiers would love the Joker to roll in on his float and drop $20 million on the crowd.

Why aren’t the Occupy Flea-baggers going after Hollywood celebrities that are ridiculously rich, or after professional athletes/  Why is their wrath exclusively directed at those who have demonstrated the ability, cunning, timing and luck in business? 

What, do we think that these Hollywood morons get their millions because they possess some supernatural ability to act?  Or is it because of the Writers Guild that controls whether new talent can actually make it to the silver screen? 

Or what about the recent players revolt in the NFL and the current player revolt in the NBA?  What, do these players deserve $20 million a year because they can throw a stupid football around?  But they get it because of the NFL Player’s Union that beats the NFL team owners down every year for more money.

The thing is, these idiots, if provided with the same elements to make mega-millions, would do the exact same thing!  Many of these people have their own little businesses out there, selling products or trying to do something to chase that dream of capitalism. Unfortunately, their dream hasn’t cashed in.  So, they gripe and complain, out of greed, anger and frustration to anyone who will listen to their “I-didn’t-lose-they-cheated” gibberish. 

Humans are greed-infested creatures.  Not 1% of them, but 100% of them.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

October 16, 2011 at 8:41 pm

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