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Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter. ”  – Sen. Tom Daschle, Congressional Record, May 7, 1998

This week, the news (at least the right-wing news) is all a-twitter about the latest name to the tax offender list – Senator Tom Daschle, President Obama’s pick to head up the Department of Health and Human Services.  This week, it was broke by ABC News that Mr. Daschle had failed to pay more than $100,000 in back taxes as the result of the use of a car and driver which he thought was a gift.  He’s deeply remorseful and will be refiling/paying everything back.  However, he asked for clemency with respect to 30 years of national service.

*taps on the screen next to Daschle’s quote*

Evidently, this problem is pretty pervasive these days. Take a look at this list:

Tim Geithner – Failed to pay payroll (medicare and social security) taxes from income that he received from the International Monetary Fund.  His bill, $17,230 – of course, has been refiled and paid. His title – Secretary of the Treasury…in charge of the IRS. Joy.

Rep. Charlie Rangel – Failed to report $75,000 in rental income from a villa he owns in the Dominican Republic.  As reported in September, he refiled his taxes and paid about $10k. He insists he did nothing wrong, blaming the issue on “cultural and language barriers”.

Al Franken – During his Senate campaign, it was outed in May 2008 that Al Franken didn’t pay taxes from 2003-2006 while earning revenue in 19 different states. With all the interest and penalties, the bill comes to about $70,000. He attributes his problems to an accountant’s mistake, a mistake that reputable firms have gone on record to say, is a “rookie mistake”, one that “learned from the first tax class in college”.  The mistake, if you earn money in a state, you pay taxes to that state, not just the state in which you live. Duh.

ACORN – Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center did some poking around into the number of tax liens issued against the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) and found over 230 liens (75 of which have been released – the rest outstanding) of tax liability going back to the ‘80’s. These liens total more than $3.7 million.  ACORN is an activist group that, through affiliates, was paid nearly $800.000 by the Democratic National Committee for ‘get-out-the-vote’ activities for Barack Obama.  This organization has been replete with discovered voter fraud through multiple registrations and such.  ACORN has been granted around $31 million in federally funded grants since 1998.

Keith Olbermann – The liberal hotheaded commentator at P-MSNBC, Keith Olbermann currently has a tax warrant or judgment for $2269 against his personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc. (sheesh…this guy loves himself unnaturally).  Additionally, and even more serious, New York filed another judgment for $21,565 against Olbermann himself in July 2000. Finally, California records show another big judgment, $77, 425 filed in September 2001 brings his tax bill to up around $100,000.  This tax-and-spend liberal loves to talk about raising your taxes, but doesn’t care about paying his.

Whether these knuckleheads made honest mistakes or are lying to all of us, thinking we’re idiots, the point here is that we’re being asked to forgive and forget, yet, I would ask, if Rush Limbaugh was found not paying his taxes, or if John Boehner had a house and land that he didn’t pay taxes on, or if some other GOP/right-winger failed to pay taxes, well, he’s unpatriotic (Right Mr. Vice President Biden?). But since it’s on the left, well, they are ‘honest mistakes’.

There is a new sheriff in town, and if you are part of the D-Team, your tax problems are all good.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 3, 2009 at 11:29 am

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