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False Piety IV, V, VI–WikiLeaks, Russians, Old Information

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I’ve not had a lot of time to comment lately – something about real work getting in the way of the blogosphere stuff. But, I have about three of these to post, so, here we go, like the previously noted, the Democrats have been crying crocodile tears about the heavy hits that they have been sustaining.

False Piety Point #4: HRC makes the assertion about Trump using information from sources relating to Russia, and because of that, we shouldn’t listen. Never mind the actual CONTENT of the some 23 WikiLeaks drops, the thousands of mail messages that have been running around Twitter like angry kittens. It’s funny because Clinton, Inc. is avoiding the content like the plague. Doesn’t matter that CNN has been implicated, feeding the Clinton campaign debate questions, or the mounting proof that Clinton and the DNC railroaded Bernie Sanders out of the race (and probably slid him some hush money).

But Clinton is attempting a tactic often used in the legal world, and one that is not being bought by the masses: admissibility of evidence. In law, if evidence is obtained in a way that is considered illegal or unethical, that evidence cannot be used in court. So HRC comes in, and basically tells us that because the information came from WikiLeaks, after US systems and personnel got compromised by a Russian hacker, we shouldn’t listen to any of it.

But I guarantee that if the situation was reversed, HRC would not even blink in her need to bring this up. And she wouldn’t care where it came from – probably call Putin a “friend to America” or some dumbwittery.

False Piety Point #5: This weekend, we saw an bombshell drop which reminded me of the final scene in Independence Day (the first one, not the one that sucked), where the ship hovering over Area 51 got blown up by one suicide pilot.


HRC’s campaign controllers are in full on panic and Huma Abedin is MIA at this point (hopefully she doesn’t end up “disappearing” or something). But what they keep saying argues how Comey dropped this campaign nuke right ahead of the election.

But I guarantee if the shoe were on the other foot, and Comey were dropping a massive tac-nuke on the Trump Campaign, HRC would have no problem as to its “timeliness” or accuse Comey of election meddling.

False Piety Point #6: Released just today, we’re seeing information released under the FOIA from the FBI – 129 pages of records, bringing up an investigation from 15 years ago into Bill Clinton pardoning Marc Rich. Regardless of the content, the Clinton campaign is big to bring up that this investigation was from 15 years ago – an old investigation to be sure, not to mention its timeliness.

Oh, and making the entire Access Hollywood comments from over ten years ago – that’s important information into the character of Donald Trump, but Clinton pardoning Rich just before leaving office, something that is specious at best, deeply corrupt at the worst, meanwhile HRC gets 100 grand for her Senate run and the Clinton Library nearly half a million – that’s not telling of moral character?

So political kickbacks and buyoffs are okay, but locker room talk isn’t?

So as the election is within the final week, we see, yet again, HRC struggling to keep her campaign from blowing up and crashing like what happens with most frauds.

To my friends.


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November 2, 2016 at 7:42 am

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The President of Inaction

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Obama’s tepid approach these days shows a man disinterested in his job for which he’s being paid. I think he feels his job description should include the title of “rockstar”. I’m beginning to think that Obama could care less about his role as president.

Obama-Arrogant-SneerWe sat back and watched him do very little with respect to responding to all the scandals that have come down his way. Benghazi, still no real investigation of what happened there. Bergdahl, in the rearview, out of sight, out of mind. IRS scandals, bah, let Koskinen handle it. Obama’s got very little to do with any of this, except spend time playing golf.

Then there’s Obama’s reactions and responses to Vlad Putin’s actions in Ukraine. This has been such a dismal lack of real leadership. We all know that Russia’s stirring up the unrest in Ukraine – and yet, we’re just taking Putin’s word for it.

And there’s the current flareup in Gaza. Obama probably thinks it’s all Israel’s fault and they should just give up, have all the Jews gassed, and let the Palestinians come in so ISIS can check the block on their whole “world domination” theory. However, even Obama is missing the point on this one – if Hamas stops the rockets, Israel would leave Gaza alone. But that’s not good enough for Hamas. And Obama, in showing lack of support for our “ally” treats them no better than the “adversary”.

And with respect to ISIS, where are we with that? Obama sat back and with 300 military advisers and maybe a few drones here and there (oh, those are popular now?). So instead of US aid, where we have only been working Iraq as our pet politi-forming project for over a decade, in comes Iran. Wow. That’s a switch.

Back home, Obama couldn’t be troubled from all his fundraising activities for Udall in Colorado (which Udall didn’t show up for, by the way – totally funny). He’s been jet-setting all over the country for photo opportunities while his latest sock puppet, Josh Earnest answers any questions we might have.

No, while we have people into the tens of thousands streaming across the border, he couldn’t be bothered to go to the border himself, since he said it would just be a “photo op”, yet he posed for a pic with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, since Hick is facing getting his own clock cleaned soon.

And with the recent downing of Malayian Air Flight 17 in Ukraine yesterday with 23 Americans on board, Obama couldn’t be troubled to leave a fundraiser event in New York to return to the White House with nothing more than “it looks like a terrible tragedy”. He seemed to be more concerned about Bowe Bergdahl, who could still face charges for desertion (and who is happening to get a new posting back in the Army) than 23 innocents.

And back to the fundraising.

I’m really thinking Obama has no desire to be the President anymore. I think he’s really tired…really tired of being beaten up by the GOP and the Tea Party, even his own party. I think he laments having only a 41% approval rating, which continues to fall. I think he would rather be out playing with the Hollywood elite and standing for photo ops with fellow Democrats than go see the tragedy at the border. He doesn’t have the machismo to go toe-to-toe with Putin.

No, he wants to go out and soak up the love from the Obamadrones that are still out there going “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm”, play community organizer, and cap it all off with a round of golf.

It’s real sad, really. Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. And with his attitude, he’s showing it though his lack of real leadership in any thing.

To my friends.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 18, 2014 at 9:17 am

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